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Linda M. Wolfe
Linda M. Wolfe

Welcome to Linda Wolfe’s world, the quarters of four of her identities: mother, teacher, artist, seeker. It is this very quartet which framed the inevitability of penning her blog. Imagine her panic upon hearing the pancreatic cancer diagnosis of their son. For her own survival, her mama heart chose to change her feeling from a fear-based crisis to a love-based opportunity. Her teacher mind found the entire nine year scenario from their son’s initial symptoms to his leaving of the body to be the most prolific and intense learning period of her life. New vistas of verbal and visual creativity were revealed through her artist hand. As a seeker, she was led to mysterious and beautiful spiritual insights. The recent coronavirus pandemic has given many pause for thought. She desires to inspire hope, love, peace and joy for others, no matter what they are called to face.

We must, then, focus on the beauty of the moment rather than our fears of the future. Oft times, the worst fears may never come to pass. If in fact they do, the effects of living in a state of fear have never accomplished anything other than lowering our immunity. The best advice is from their son as a mere toddler. One of his favorite comments to her was, “Oh poo-bah, don’t worry about it!”

Linda M. Wolfe

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