Grief Healing Practices

After child loss, light from darkness can be found. It is possible to lessen grief and find inner peace. Most importantly, healing practices, arts and education are here to help you! A few blog examples are within the text below. Above in the menu bar, click on blog to further explore!

There Can Be Hope After Child Loss

Welcome to Linda M. Wolfe’s world! Despite child loss, she has found that healing can become reality. In this blog, her four identities are Mother, Teacher, Artist, and Seeker. This quartet jointly forms the framework. Because she eventually found comfort, she likewise desires to share this potential with you!

Mother & Teacher Help Heal

Indeed, their adult son’s diagnosis caused panic. He was up against pancreatic cancer. Firstly, her mama-heart influenced her mindset. A fear-based crisis eventually transformed into a love-based opportunity. FEAR IS THE LOCK as well as Transform Fear offers ideas. Secondly, her teacher-mind experienced prolific learning. This occurred during their son’s nine year illness until his passing. Furthermore, she learned sound healing as in PAIN: KNOCK IT DOWN – 174 HZ. You may find it relaxing!

Child Loss Assistance from Artist & Seeker

Thirdly, her artist-hand revealed new creativity. Visual and verbal creations pour forth. This art teacher knows the arts can markedly ease grief. ERASE GRIEF as well as BROKEN show how. Fourth, her seeker persona led her to rather beautiful spiritual insights. Word Consciousness, The Mirror Tree, and SEARCHING FOR THE LOST are some vital results. Additionally, she desires to inspire hope, love, peace and joy for you, regardless of your circumstances.

Of Grief and Signs

A number of posts deal directly with grief: Comforting Bereaved Parents, Empty Chair Holidays, Approaching Grief, What is a Vilomah?, Wait Grief Weight, GRIEF RELIEF, and Tuning into Healing: Grief (which is more sound healing). Here are several which speak of signs from our loved ones: Grief and Visits from Beyond, OUR VISITOR, My Mother’s Day Guest, and MIRACLES AND DUETS.

Above all, we must focus on beautiful moments. Ignore future fears. Often times, our fears may never happen. Furthermore, fearful living accomplishes nothing. It undoubtedly lowers our immunity. In conclusion, her best advice is from their son’s toddler wisdom. Surprisingly, this was one of his amazing comments to her. He exclaimed, “Oh poo-bah, don’t worry about it!”

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Linda M. Wolfe

P. S. Here is my mock-up cover for LIFE WITH(OUT) JAMES: Light from Darkness, a mother’s memoir of What? Huh? Wow! How!, a spiritual journey through her son’s illness, passing and reach from beyond. If you would like more information and/or to receive a FREE download of the draft introduction of my memoir, click on https://Linda-M-Wolfe.com/LMW-Free-Download

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