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photo of proposed cover of book, with title and author, Linda M. Wolfe's name painted in white fanciful lettering on a background of deep blue and maroon brush strokes

Announcing the debut book of Linda M. Wolfe, LIFE WITH(OUT) JAMES: Light from Darkness – a mother’s memoir of WHAT? HUH? WOW! HOW!, a spiritual journey through her son’s illness, passing and reach from beyond

This inspirational memoir recounts the fear and heartbreak from her son’s diagnosis as well as the hope and wonder of found possibilities. You will ride this roller coaster of emotions through the ups and downs of his health and his eventual passing.

Wolfe aims to offer comfort, a sense of awe and an answer.

First of all, she shares comfort with grieving parents. According to research, child loss grief is the most profound of all. Parents certainly never “get over” this grief. However, she is living proof that it is possible to regain functionality in one’s life. A sense of hope and peace, perhaps even joy can be attained.

Our loved ones are never truly lost from us. Her book cover paradoxically illustrates this by using the word, “without”. Taking the word in its entirety represents only the physical body loss. Conversely, by crossing through the letters “out”, she leaves open space for the signs from her son.

Secondly for the spiritually bereaved, she presents a sense of awe. Her details of seemingly unbelievable events border on the miraculous. She exposes a reality that exists just at the fringe of our eyesight.

Thirdly, her book provides an answer. How could she have learned details about her already published book before she even wrote it?

At the very least you may be intrigued by this book. If you are fortunate you may be transformed!

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