About Linda M. Wolfe contains a photo of the rolling hills of southwest Iowa as that is where she lives.

This is my about Linda M. Wolfe section, so here is an image of the rolling hills of Southwest Iowa. Why don’t I have a picture of me?

Our lush breadbasket of the world is a beautiful location year round. We note many a musical bird call heralding the spring. A midsummer delight is inhaling the intoxicatingly sweet fragrance of freshly mown hay. Orange and gold hues embellish our autumn tree foliage. Winter snows glisten and sparkle upon the frozen ground.

To know about Linda M. Wolfe is to know I was born and raised here. In fact, three previous generations of my family live or have lived in this county. When I attended college, I was only an hour’s drive from home. It was there that I thrived as I love to learn. I “met” a wonderful man and we married. Following our college graduations, we left our college town. You see, my husband was drawn to the land. We moved back to the very same county in which I was born! His local family ancestry reached back two generations.

My husband and I ambled the same halls in our elementary years. We harmonized together in the high school band.

About Linda M. Wolfe Career

I enjoyed a three decade K-8 art and talented and gifted teaching career in the same school we had attended. In fact as a student, the classroom I was sitting in when I heard President Kennedy was assassinated was the same one I was standing outside as a teacher when I found the Twin Towers had been attacked.

Younger Generation

Our children were born and raised here in this county. I am nested in the midst of four to five generations of our families who have been and are lovers of the land. We’ve tilled the soil, planted the trees and/or raised the crops in fields and in gardens. To hold a palm full of rich earth and consider that this very terrain may have fed a meal to my great grandmother, well that is profound history. It is fertile ground to which I connect most deeply. It entices me to write, to draw, to paint, to think.

Why, if I were to walk around the perimeter of our property while eyeing the horizon, I could see a good portion of land on which several generations of my family have lived and worked. If I were to become airborne above some of the hills and enlarge my circle, it could encompass much of the area our joint ancestry inhabited. You are now closer to knowing more about Linda M. Wolfe.

This post details the Southwest Iowa farming practices of a generation above my husband and I: WATCHING THE RIVER RUN: A Tale of Two Dads. Here is a true story of a couple generations younger than my husband and I: Listen to the Children. You will know the richness of nature when you read how it informs my life in THINK LIKE WATER!

This is my circle of life, this small portion of Southwest Iowa. It has fed and nurtured and inspired me. Actually, it is me.