April Fools

With April Fools Day upon us, I must share a few musings I’ve had. Sometimes there are things that are just so intriguing that April 1 must be set aside for such intellectual activity.

Musing Number One

First of all, it has always amazed me how the people that lived in the B.C. era knew to count down rather than up for each year of their calendars. Or, could it be that some of them had a fear of the world coming to an end as they approached the countdown year of zero?

My Second April Fools Musing

Secondly, I have only occasionally wondered what it is like when woodpeckers kiss. P.S. I am grateful that I am not a woodpecker.

There always must be the most important number three musing for April Fools.

Thirdly, I have always been curious as to how chocolate can save the world. Years ago, I discovered how chocolate may make this important contribution. At first glance, one may not think this little story is about chocolate. Many moons ago or trips around the sun ago, it used to be that ministers would pop in on their parishioners to check in on them . Well one fine day, our minister stopped by to pay an unexpected visit. More than likely, this was when our children were quite young. I’m certain this was a day when my husband was at work. The chances are good that this was before I began my teaching career, so I was a stay at home mom.

Well, this pastor knocked on our door while I was being a busy housewife. I invited him in and we had a little chat. As it wasn’t yesterday when he paid his call, I have no idea at all what our topic of conversation would have been. I suppose we could have talked about how chocolate was a healthy food, especially if it is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate, after all, has lots of flavonoids and possesses anticancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6225491/

The Amusing Unveiling

It did not seem that he stayed very long. Lo and behold after he left, I happened to walk by a mirror and was appalled by what I saw. My mouth was covered in chocolate! I honestly do not recall what chocolate concoction I was creating. As I had been caught in the middle of cooking it, I had to make a hasty trip to answer the door. Unfortunately some of it had found a resting place right smack dab on the front of my face. I suppose it was quite amusing to see my appearance, but the pastor did not visibly react. Had I known I was plastered in chocolate, we certainly could have had a chocolate communion. As I was very embarrassed after the fact, It is entirely possible that I may have whined a bit to my husband regarding this chocolate affair.

It is extremely likely that our children must have been napping or they would have wanted chocolate embellished faces as well. I’m sorry, but not sorry, that no photographic proof of this event exists. Fortunately this occurred well before the atrocities of selfies were popular.

Not long after the episode my husband installed a mirror immediately above our kitchen stove. Now, I may check my taste testing face to see if I am ready for visitors. This episode may or may not have been on April’s Fool Day. I guarantee, though, if you ever taste test chocolate you will never have such an embarrassing situation as this. Also, chocolate may just save the world because of all the great health properties. Last of all, it will especially save the world if you follow our example by strategically placing a mirror to see if you are properly tasting chocolate. You may just rescue someone from dieing of laughter following seeing your messy face…

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