Are You Like a Newton’s Cradle?

Photo of a Newton's Cradle, reflected in a mirror. Are you like a Newton's Cradle?

Tell me if you are like a Newton’s Cradle. Before you decide on any preconceived notions you may have, take a look at this “Amazing Demonstration of a Giant Newton’s Cradle”.

The Newton’s Cradle illustrates kinetic energy transferred from one object to another. It also shows an equal and opposite reaction. Additionally, this device demonstrates that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Here is a link further explaining how it works:

Group Dynamics

When I studied this invention, it brought group dynamics to mind. It made me think of ways we humans may treat one another. Let’s take gossip for one. If even one person tells just one other, look how the swinging spheres so aptly illustrate the passing on of the cruel words. What about hateful or discriminatory choices? Assuming these laws of physics, this negative happening could get transferred along as well.

Now, let’s contemplate giving someone a sincere compliment! The chances are good that the recipient felt so wonderful that they likely complimented someone else. How could others be impacted if you donated goods or cash to a homeless shelter or a food bank? What about loving or helpful choices such as a simple smile or reaching something from a high shelf for someone who can’t? Could it be making a phone call, sending a card, paying a visit? Would it be raking leaves or scooping snow? What about mowing a lawn or weeding a garden? Giving love to just one other radiates through untold others and is passed down the line, too! Picture this invention as sharing good vibes with others!

Perhaps you feel ready to answer. Are you like a Newton’s Cradle? Does it feel good to see your actions repeated? How does this device mirror your life?

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. Rumi, 13th C. Persian poet

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