EMPOWERED LIVING: How Visual Arts Skills Apply to Daily Life

During the last few weeks of my thirty year elementary art teaching career, I decided to take an impromptu survey of some of my classes. While students were deeply engaged in their projects, I quietly approached each one individually to ask a question. It was, “If you named the most important thing I’ve ever taughtContinue reading “EMPOWERED LIVING: How Visual Arts Skills Apply to Daily Life”

THE 2020 TREE: Not Screaming but Singing

My friend, this is the famous 2020 tree in case you’ve not met her. It is understandable if you may think she would be screaming her leaves off with the events of this year. It may appear that she is throwing her branches up in sheer disgust. If she were, which she is not, IContinue reading “THE 2020 TREE: Not Screaming but Singing”

Michelangelo Inspiration

Many times famous artists inspire the creativity of others. One of my favorite elementary school art lessons was influenced by Michelangelo. My students each taped a sheet of paper beneath their tables. They had a direct experience in feeling what it was like to paint above their heads. One of the most memorable student questionsContinue reading “Michelangelo Inspiration”

Listen to the Children

This is very nearly a Jack and the Beanstalk story, except it has to do with a little girl, maybe even two little girls. Oh, and I guess it is not a beanstalk at all, but a tree. Many, many moons ago we brought our wee, little daughter home from Sunday school. She was carryingContinue reading “Listen to the Children”