Awe and Wonder

Have you ever thought about what gives you a sense of awe and wonder? It is actually a healthy practice to feel this state. What gives you this feeling?

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. Albert Einstein

My Wonderful Awe

Here are a few things which bring me to that beautiful state of being.

  • Just the other day, I felt my breath deepen as I gazed up at the gorgeously white thunderheads, mushrooming larger against the backdrop of the intense blue sky. As the clouds built upward right before my eyes, I heard the breeze begin to intensify. All at once, a majestic turkey vulture – this black bird with a six foot wing span – began circling and riding the thermals. Higher and higher it soared. It was as if it was peering into the bright heavens themselves. I imagined the winged wonder observing our loved ones smiling, waving and cheering us on. As I tasted this sweetness of longing, I savored the beauty.
  • Many times art and music have moved me to the awe and wonder frame of mind. I’ve been in an art museum where a piece overwhelmingly moved me so that I was drawn to sit in front of it to fully absorb and contemplate the wonder of the artistry. Years ago while performing in college band, there were pieces which could bring tears to my eyes, it was so movingly beautiful. Sometimes while practicing piano, there are pieces which will induce goosebumps because I love the music so much!
  • There are probably not many people who can resist ogling over an adorable infant. Recently we were at our local pharmacy. A young mother was there with her cherub on the counter. I just couldn’t resist a comment. I remarked, “Are babies now the latest in perscription medicine, if so, I’d like one, too!”

Awe and Wonder Study

One of the more recent topics currently under study is this sense of awe and wonder. In order to be a healthily functioning human, it is important to gift ourselves experiences which may invite the feeling. This article by Dacher Keltner encourages us to move beyond the mundane into the marvelous in order to expand what it means to be human: Here are benefits from practicing this mindset:

These are a few of my posts which focus upon the awe and wonder of nature: Ten Musings On Beauty, The Mirror Tree, OUR VISITOR and THINK LIKE WATER. I have also found that making a habit of exploring my sense of wonder seems to be beneficial to transforming my grief. Practicing any of the arts has been noted to ease grief as well. Deep involvement with nature as well as the arts are effective research based methods of finding comfort during the grieving process.

When I think of awe and wonder, this theme song comes to my mind. It explores the wonder of nature which we as humans have been gifted to explore. Just imagine that this realm of nature in which we live is as alive as Julie Andrews expresses! Perhaps you will even be moved to harmonize with her!

May you be inspired to focus your awareness on what brings you to your sense of awe and wonder!

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Midwestern mystic with varying amounts of mother, teacher, artist, seeker

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  1. As a child in the sixties, I loved “Sound of Music,” and I love it now! Thanks for getting me to listen to it today.

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