Coughers Versus Coffers

Representation of Earth and People

On this, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, it is ever more urgent to see our planet and her inhabitants in a new way. We live together on a big, beautiful, blue globe. Years ago, I ran across an analogy to explain the concept of oneness to children. All you need is a fist-sized chunk of blue modeling clay and a mind full of imagination.

Hold that orb of clay then roll it between your hands until it is nice and round. Next, grasp the ball in one hand and think of it as being the earth. Now, use your thumb and pointer on the empty hand to pinch out small raised areas. Create them over the entire surface of the clay. All the pointy parts are people. To separate the people from the earth for a long time, they would not be able to survive. This example shows it is quite easy to see all is from the same elements.

Certainly, this marvelous planet upon which we live has been clouded by the coronavirus pandemic. On one hand, we have the coughers. They may be represented by those who’ve contracted Covid-19 or truly anyone who has experienced the domino effects of the virus. On the other hand, we have the coffers. This could be any number of resources.

Blue Globe: The Coughers

Here we have the coughers. I must say my heart goes out to all those around the world whose lives have been lost, as well as to the families, friends and humanity who most keenly feel their loss. This has been a tragically grievous circumstance. Not be forgotten are the people who no longer have a source of income, or perhaps fear the potential loss of home, shelter and sustenance. You are the true victims. I feel for the frontline responders, regardless of occupation, putting your lives on the line. Your selflessness is to be commended.

I give a nod to the business owners, doing your best to stay afloat. Supporting your employees, community and customers when possible is to be highly endorsed. I think of the young parents who are fortunate enough to still have a job, maybe even home based, but yet, are also tasked with simultaneously educating your children. Stepping into new roles can be a challenge. I hold you in high regard. I ponder the plight of the extroverts and applaud your efforts to consider other ways to remain connected, yet physically isolated. Our entire planet is certainly affected by Covid-19 in some regard.

Blue Globe: The Coffers

This virus has exposed the highs and lows of life here on planet earth. The high points demonstrate the coffers or life enhancing resources and efforts of mankind and nature. Among the highs are balcony bound Italian singers, serenading their neighbors; individuals and groups sharing their bounty with those in need; and the U.N. Chief who has declared a worldwide cease fire on violence not only between countries, but also between domestic partners within a home.

There are companies retooling their production lines to produce much needed medical equipment; scientists who are cooperatively working with like minds around the globe to create Covid-19 tests and treatments; and innovators who are developing necessary products as needs arise. There are satellite images of reduced air pollution; an increase of wild-life (inside and outside zoos) as well as evidence of more love and compassion for our fellow humans. An example of the lows would be evidence of greed and hoarding among our fellow humans. However, I choose to focus upon the positives (the coffers) as I know we can shape our world by that which occupies our minds.

Years in the art teaching profession made it abundantly clear that parameters on an artistic assignment helped produce the strongest art projects. This coronavirus is no exception. We are well aware of the limits imposed upon our world by this virus. The creatives are now stepping forward.

Perhaps this virus could be the ultimate reset button to better our world, to fix the quirks in our current earthly systems. The answers will lie within this pause to be still, to know ourselves, to find that which brings one joy, stimulates the imagination and simultaneously benefits humankind.

Any solutions to coping with Covid-19 will and must involve working together, even or more especially by being in social isolation. We must use quality health practices, kindness and common sense. It is critical that we practice collaboration on all levels: people, communities and countries. It is appropriate to point out on this Earth Day that all of us are partners on this big, beautiful, blue globe of ours.

You see the coughers could represent literally any world problem. The coffers could certainly be any solution. Perhaps this pandemic will finally convince all of us earthlings that we truly are one people, as one Mobius strip, one world working together!

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