Blessings of Autumn

It is that time of year to count the blessings of autumn. Harvest is a major undertaking in this part of the world. Here is our story of this year’s bounty.

Prior to beginning our garden harvest, Tomato Man was the first to alert us. We had better begin gleaning the produce before it was too late!

Our next clue warning us to get in gear was the meeting of the insects.

I thought I could hear one whispering to the other. Do you think we should begin flying south or should we just burrow in to hide from the colder weather?

Blessings of Cats

First of all, we asked Miss Meow-Meow if she would help harvest our food.

She is always too busy swinging. Her entertainment is jumping on the swing. This gal “purr-posely” makes it move back and forth while she while she enjoys the rocking. She is the very same cat who loves to ride in our wheelbarrow!

Next, we asked Mr. Woolly if he’d mind offering us a bit of assistance in gathering the produce.

He is simply too infatuated with soaking up all the heat. Relaxing in a sunny spot atop the grill is a great cat activity. Being our most frequent lap cat, he knows the “purr-fect” place to warm up.

Lastly, we inquired of Miss Purr-Purr as to her availability in offering her “ex-purr-tise”.

This little miss is too intrigued with noticing the glamour of her fur in contrast to the beautiful red burning bush leaves. Her attention span is a fleeting thing, so it was just as well she nixed harvesting.

Blessings of Produce

Thus, only the two of us, my husband and I, began our task of gathering our garden goodies. Here are some of the blessings of autumn we collected.

Our blessings of autumn are lots of apples, squash and peppers … and a few loads of black walnuts. Collecting the nuts is more to avoid tripping hazards. If we ate those, we could be trapezing from branch to branch like the squirrels! Last but not least, we must remember…

Tomatoes! With a sly little wink, Mr. Tomato reminds me that cats are carnivores, so alas, their help was not to be expected when it came to gathering the blessings of autumn. Now, though, we will have the energy to spoil our cats this winter!

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