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Why Creativity Is Crucial

Have you ever wondered why creativity is crucial? Just imagine what our world would be like if we could not come up with new and innovative ideas? Actually, it would be preferable to imagine how our world could be improved if we did formulate fresh ideas. What if these innovations could solve world problems? You…

Who Are Your Favorite Artists?

Ah, “Who are your favorite Artists” is a wonderful question for a person deeply involved in the arts. First of all, I look for what accentuates my ideals of beauty. The arts must draw a sense of awe and wonder to me. I crave the peace and harmony that many of the arts provide. My…

Reason for Excitement!

Reason for Excitement shares a visit from a swarm of honey bees. It ties into pollinator benefits as well as help for grieving parents.

Problem Solving Play Examples

Problem Solving Play Examples shares critical reasons for free play as well as outlining benefits of play for all ages.


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Artist expresses the power of the arts, particularly that of the visual arts, poetry and music.

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