Child Loss, Grief, and Visits from Beyond the Veil Categories

Softer Side of Grief

Softer Side of Grief reveals what my son taught me about grief – before his passing. How gratitude and acceptance can help to ease our grief.

Sweetest Antidotes

Sweetest Antidotes examines honey for bee sting as well as antivenom for snake bite. Could nature be a model for solving personal or world problems?

Comforting Bereaved Parents

Comforting Bereaved Parents shares what grieving parents wish others to know & healing practices most helpful in coping with loss of a child.


Each and every one of us have ideals for that which makes our world perfect. In my perfect world, all children should outlive their parents. I was wrong. When our son was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, it felt earth shattering. It was one of the most devastating possibilities I could have imagined. Prior to his…


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Mother explores child loss, grief, and signs from beyond the veil.

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