Wait Grief Weight

It seems there is never a time when we are ready for grief. We may say, “Wait, grief weight!” First of all, we never want it in our lives. If it must come, surely it could just wait, right? Then when it does arrive, it comes with a tremendously weighty burden. How can we cope?Continue reading “Wait Grief Weight”

Grief and Visits from Beyond

What is the connection between grief and visits from beyond? Sometimes when we grieve, it may feel as if we’re crawling into a cocoon, a cave or even a dungeon. We can be so caught up in our sorrow that we may miss a visit from beyond. Here are three thought leaders who have helpedContinue reading “Grief and Visits from Beyond”


Where do they go? What can we do? The topic of masked emotions is currently very timely. Not only are many of us masking our faces for viral protection, but may also be hiding our emotions. Sometimes we are concerned with upsetting others by truly expressing our feelings. Perhaps we are frightened or angry regardingContinue reading “MASKED EMOTIONS”

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