Hidden Emotions

Believe it or not, this post is not only about a post, but also about emotions, hidden emotions! My photo shows the base of my very favorite tree. The appendage to the lower left of the trunk is actually an old wooden fence post. We live on my grandparents’ former property. As a little girl,Continue reading “Hidden Emotions”

Can You Change Your DNA?

What do you think? Can you change your DNA? Must we live with what we were given? Through having our son go through a nine year journey with pancreatic cancer, I’ve become fascinated with health. Let’s see what scientists have to tell us. DNA Changes with Bruce H. Lipton, PhD. Bruce H. Lipton, PhD. wroteContinue reading “Can You Change Your DNA?”

Pain Blessings When It Hertz!

Well, believe me, I didn’t ever think I would say pain could be a blessing! The reason I say this is that I’ve never had the opportunity to test controlling pain on my body by using sound. (Fortunately, I don’t experience pain often.) Recently, I had the chance. Initially, my pain level was around aContinue reading “Pain Blessings When It Hertz!”

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