Are You Like a Newton’s Cradle?

Tell me if you are like a Newton’s Cradle. Before you decide on any preconceived notions you may have, take a look at this “Amazing Demonstration of a Giant Newton’s Cradle”. The Newton’s Cradle illustrates kinetic energy transferred from one object to another. It also shows an equal and opposite reaction. Additionally, this device demonstratesContinue reading “Are You Like a Newton’s Cradle?”


All relationships must stem from our relationship with self. The comfort level of being in our own skin and love of self form the basis of what must be present to have healthy connections with others. The year of 2020 has provided ample testing for all our relationships. With the pandemic, new situations may haveContinue reading “HEALING AND BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: 639 HERTZ”


Each and every one of us have ideals for that which makes our world perfect. One of mine was that all children should outlive their parents. I was wrong. When our son was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, it felt earth shattering. It was one of the most devastating possibilities I could have imagined. Prior toContinue reading “IN MY PERFECT WORLD”

MASKED EMOTIONS: Where Do They Go? What Can We Do?

The topic of masked emotions is currently very timely. Not only are many of us masking our faces for viral protection, but may also be hiding our emotions. Sometimes we are concerned with upsetting others by truly expressing our feelings. Perhaps we are frightened or angry regarding many world issues involving the pandemic, be itContinue reading “MASKED EMOTIONS: Where Do They Go? What Can We Do?”


It was sometime in the middle of my art teaching career, there were four sixth grade girls of note. They loved art so much that they had nicknames for one another. The first three names made sense to me: Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo. We’d been studying those particular artists. The fourth name, however,Continue reading “THINK LIKE WATER”

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