Treat Yourself to Ambience!

During this highly unusual time in which we are living, there may be a number of ways of life we miss. One of them is dining at a nice restaurant. Depending upon your location in the world, this option may or may not be available or recommended. I invite you to treat yourself to ambience!Continue reading “Treat Yourself to Ambience!”

Michelangelo – Reach and Look Up!

The great Italian Renaissance artist, Michelangelo, was tasked with painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by papal request. At the time, Michelangelo was contentedly working on sculpting the tomb of Pope Julius II. This sudden change of plans prompted the artist to declare “painting is my shame!” He very strongly identified with chisels andContinue reading “Michelangelo – Reach and Look Up!”

Tuning into Healing: Grief

Perhaps you or someone you know may be experiencing grief. Maybe it could be from losing a loved one. It could even be from trying to cope with the severe changes that our world has been experiencing. Grief could be related to economic, safety, health, bereavement or other reasons. It can cause disruptions to theContinue reading “Tuning into Healing: Grief”

Vincent Van Gogh

His Work, a Song, a Sonnet Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch post impressionism painter. Prior to deciding upon the path of an artist, he tried several occupations. His attempts were a teacher, a preacher, a book seller and an art dealer. Even though his art career was only ten years long, he was extremelyContinue reading “Vincent Van Gogh”

Hammers Don’t Belong in Education

As a school year winds down, it is a good time for reflection. Are you an educator? Perhaps you are a parent or grandparent just earning the title of teacher? It certainly doesn’t have to feel as if you are hammering concepts. You should not feel you must nail your children’s pants to the chair!Continue reading “Hammers Don’t Belong in Education”

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