Child Loss Questionnaire

As my blog strongly identifies with the concept of child loss, a brief questionnaire may be in order. First of all, allow me to extend my sympathies to those of you who are grieving. Your loss, of course, could be a child of any age, from pre-birth up to mature adult. There are only two questions. I plan to write a future blog from the resulting answers. No one who participates will be identified. More than likely, most of the blog resulting from these two questions will show generalities sourced from the responses. If there are some quotable answers, the words will be in quote marks, however, rest assured, you will not be identified.


1. What do you wish others could know about losing a child?

2. What has helped you the most in your journey of grief?

Before you answer, perhaps compare your life journey from before losing your child, to just after as well as to now. Contemplate what information could assist others in understanding the situation of a grieving parent. Remember what advice or feedback you may have received from a grieving parent that comforts you. What gives you the strength to carry on? Ponder sharing your inner wisdom to be of service to others who may have recently lost a child. Those who are new as well as experienced to this grief journey may greatly benefit from your answers. Remember, we are stronger together!

Finally, if you are a grieving parent, I would greatly appreciate your honest feedback. You will have two weeks from the day of this posting to complete your answers. Please share your responses with me by clicking on the word “Contact” at the top of this page and entering your answers. I will begin gathering and analyzing all answers by February 9. If you aren’t already a follower of my blog, please follow so you may view the results of this questionnaire. I truly hope to support you, as well as all the others, by sharing what your experiences have been.

Thank-you in advance for your help by sharing your hard earned wisdom!

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