Chronic Pain Relief

Could chronic pain relief be offered by complementary medical practices? Coping with lingering and debilitating pain can be quite a challenge. What if there were treatments which could ease some of this difficult health condition?

I first became aware of complementary ways to improve health through our son. When he was a teenager, he built a large and elaborate (translation: loud) sound system in his car. At that time, he was experiencing asthma. Even though he was on the typical inhalers, he discovered further relief by leaning against his beefy speakers. The booming bass sounds apparently helped to clear his lungs.

Later, when he was in his thirties and dealing with pancreatic cancer, he would sit in his self-designed surround-sound living room and crank the tunes. Following surgeries or chemotherapy sessions, we would find him snuggled in his recliner allowing the bass to induce pain relief.

This site supports the use of low frequency sound for pain as well as other conditions: Here is a fibromyalgia study which suggests low frequency sound healing “serves to ‘close the gate’ to the transmission of pain”.

Other Pain Relief

Binaural beats are a unique healing method. It involves wearing headphones which direct a different frequency into each ear. For example, one ear may receive a frequency of 4 hertz while the other could be 6 hertz. The brain would combine them to 5 hertz. When I have listened to binaural beats, it gave me the relaxing sensation of sitting in a gently rocking boat on the water.

One time, I was using my tuning forks for a family member. After I finished working on her, I noticed her scrolling through her phone. I had the aha moment to request her to search YouTube for videos of certain frequencies. She found some! The videos give a more continuous sound experience compared to repeatedly having to strike a tuning fork. That led to the resources in the next paragraph!

Another source of relief is a certain single frequency: 174 hertz. This particular one gave me immediate relief for a level 5 pain! Check out it out: Pain Blessings When It Hertz!. Here is another one with that same hertz: PAIN: KNOCK IT DOWN – 174 HZ .

Energy Healing for Chronic Pain Relief

While I was searching for ways to help our son during his seven years of pancreatic cancer (from diagnosis to his passing), I found Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ): or perhaps I could say it found me! I was in a group which practiced it for a time. Intriguingly, for those group members who were not able to do the standing exercises, benefits were derived by IMAGINING they were doing the exercises while lying down! Here is a study by the world renowned Mayo Clinic on SFQ results on chronic pain:

Through ordering a number of SFQ books and CD’s, my priority at the time was to find something involving energy healing at a distance. I would send this energy to our son every evening before I fell asleep. He felt it helped his longevity. I now practice this for myself each day. Whenever I skip a day, I can tell. However, doing SFQ on a daily basis, I feel better than I did over thirty years ago!

Nature and Arts Healing

Chronic pain relief may be eased by discovering what creates relaxation for us, personally. The ease derived from finding what gives one a sense of awe can be quite healing for our bodies. The important thing is discovering what creates this feeling. Awe and Wonder explores some possibilities, including nature. Whether our pain is from emotions such as grief or from physical pain, finding awe and wonder is essential. I would be remiss if I did not mention the positive effects of the arts on our wellbeing as in ARTS A Bridge To Life .

Old or New Knowledge?

Do we think these methods of chronic pain relief are old or new knowledge? From what I’ve read, I strongly suspect that healing with sound is age old knowledge. Many ancient structures were expertly built with strong acoustic properties.

As to the qigong, that is a practice dating back more than 4,000 years. There are many different forms of qigong, but all are connected by the way they work.

The arts are as old as the first person who grabbed a stick and drew a line in the sand; the first person to clap their hands in a rhythm; the first person to tell a story.

Our current science is saying that we have four natural states of matter: solid, liquid, gas and plasma (not to be confused with blood plasma). Even though plasma was first discovered by Sir William Crookes in 1879, it does not seem to be a prominent part of K-12 science curriculum. Now, in college level teaching, it is more common.

What is intriguing about plasma is it “glows in the form of stars, nebulas and even the auroras that sometimes ripple above the north and south poles. That branch of lightning that cracks the sky is plasma, so are the neon signs along our city streets. And so is our sun, the star that makes life on earth possible.” Plasma Science and Fusion Center of MIT

Relief at Last…

I mention this glowing and light because for those of us who practice energy healing, we can at times (especially while squinting in bright sunshine) see this faint light flowing from our fingertips. Heat in our hands also increases while working. This study shows scientific measurements of this heat and light generation: While I cannot definitively say that energy healing generates and/or works with plasma, it certainly shares some characteristics. Perhaps when plasma is fully recognized by the general public as a fourth natural state of matter, these old and ancient ways of healing our bodies will be more common place.

Maybe you or someone you know is suffering from chronic pain. If you desire to try any of these methods, please check with your medical professional to ascertain if any of these practices would be recommended. Just as with any medical intervention, results may vary from person to person. May you find comfort and value in your exploration of these new/old ways of healing!

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