Would you like to clear negative energy? Have bad vibes impacted your life? Do you ever feel encumbered by past emotions? What about trauma? Perhaps you’ve felt stuck in your life? Did you know that our emotions can eventually lodge within our bodies and affect our health? Here is a potential solution for you to try!

A number of years ago, our son was newly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This event inspired my search. I looked for multiple ways that the average person could affect one’s health. These health techniques are typically termed complementary healing. They are to be used in combination with other more traditional kinds of medical treatment. One such way I found was in utilizing tuning forks. These are specially tuned forks. A struck fork emits a specific frequency. This in turn affects different aspects of our bodies’ energy fields. After using my forks for some time, I came upon YouTube videos with these frequencies! The videos play specific tones, not necessarily “music”. This enables anyone with access to the videos to try this modality much more affordably.

Our Energy Fields

One’s energy field can hold emotions from decades ago. We may not even realize it! I have previously had an intuitive healer work on me. A trauma from decades ago was significantly affecting me. When she gave me the age range, I thought a bit. I did remember something traumatic from that time period. However, I had no idea that it was still harbored in my body. Even though the event which triggered my trauma was resolved within days, the emotional baggage still needed to be released decades later!

Here is quite an informative article on the intersection of traditional Western medicine (allopathic) and energy medicine. This would include subtle energy healing such as Reiki, tuning forks, etc. It is a lengthy article. If you read only a portion, I recommend scrolling to the bottom to at least contemplate their amazing conclusion.

Purge the Negative

Interestingly, I’ve read that our energy field is somewhat like a tree’s growth. Happenings of our early years are at our core. Successive years build out from there. Accordingly, our positive and negative emotions are recorded within this field. Traditional medicine has their therapies to deal with deeply internalized emotions. Complementary and alternative healing modalities have other sets of solutions.

Prior to trying the frequency to clear negative energy, I felt mildly on edge. Then, I started the video and relaxed on a yoga mat. My breath deepened as I began feeling intensely relaxed. I felt tingly and could feel free flowing energy within my body. I listened for only fifteen minutes, but it was still long enough to induce a light headed sensation. For that reason, I took my time in resuming my activities. It seemed that I felt lighter and freer following my session.

Before trying some of these frequencies, be sure to consult with one’s medical professional. They will ascertain that you are a good candidate to try this modality. Also, one must be sitting or lying down while listening. Once finished, it is important to carefully determine if you are settled before standing.

Here is the YouTube video I used to clear negative energy:

Clear Other Energies!

Last of all, here are a few links to other posts I’ve written on frequency healing. For grief, here is Tuning into Healing: Grief. Before I found this video, I listened to my 396 frequency tuning fork to clear grief. It certainly made my heart feel lighter! For boosting one’s creativity, listen to Creativity 101 with 528 Hertz. Who doesn’t want to be more creative? If you desire to improve in the relationship arena, here is HEALING AND BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: 639 HERTZ. Find a friend and give it a try! If you are experiencing physical pain, try PAIN: KNOCK IT DOWN – 174 HZ and Pain Blessings When It Hertz! I was dramatically impressed with my experience with these! No medical claims are made. However, I do recommend exploring some of these techniques to decide for yourself. Happy healing!

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  1. Linda,
    Thank you for offering these various techniques for healing. I am ever so grateful for you intriducing the tuning forks and the frequency u-tubes over the past 5 years. I have accessed the frequency u-tubes for times of grief particularly. My body’s physical response as well as emotional are impacted: relaxation, peacefulness, thinking changing to just being, and overall tension fisappearing. I’m eager to access the references in this blog, too! These are described with clarity. Thank you for sharing your many gifts!

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