Compassionate Medicine

More compassionate medicine may be here soon. There are amazing diagnostic tests currently under development. These could greatly alter the landscape of patient care. Cancer treatments should drastically change!

Compassionate Tests

The first one I found is from the U.S. Mayo Clinic. Galleri is an early detection blood test. It can detect more than fifty types of cancer with 89% accuracy! Galleri coasts $949.00. Currently, the United States only recommends five different types of cancer screenings. These older tests are capable of screening only one type at a time. According to this source, cancers that are not commonly screened for cause 71% of the cancer deaths.

Secondly, another test is from Japan’s Hirotsu Bio Science. Researchers discovered a roundworm attraction to cancerous tumors. These worms can sense cancer odor in human urine. The test costs $90. It is 96% effective. Breast, lung, stomach, colon and pancreatic cancers are among those detected.

Thirdly, the Japanese company, Toshiba, is developing a test. It uses a single drop of blood. Gastric, esophageal, lung, liver, biliary tract, pancreatic, and bowel cancers are found. It also detects ovarian, prostate, bladder and breast cancers as well as sarcoma and glioma. This particular test is 99% accurate. The cost is 20,000 yen or $175.58 in U.S. dollars.

Current Tests in Medicine

The above mentioned tests are still being studied. Surely the tests will be integrated into the marketplace soon. Cancer care may be dramatically different. Many cancers do not have an early, effective way to detect them. I especially know that about pancreatic cancer. It took doctors two years to detect it in our son.

Currently, the average CT scan in the US costs $3,275. An MRI runs $1,325. An ERCP averages $5,326. (The ERCP is a procedure to diagnose and treat problems in the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, and pancreas.) All these tests have a downside besides the expense. There initially needs to be a huge biological clue as to what tests need to be done.

Future Compassionate Medicine

Importantly, the new blood and urine tests are extremely broad based! They are easy and accurate. These tools cause little patient discomfort. A simple blood draw or urine sample is especially patient friendly. Currently, the search for cancerous cells feels akin to finding a needle in a hay stack.

Additionally, these new tests are more affordable. They now range from $90 to $949. Certainly, these tests will be welcome!

In conclusion, all three tests find cancer earlier. Maybe elementary changes in diet, exercise, or mindset could offset the ailments! Each test detects multiple types of cancer. These tests are easier on the patients’ bodies and budgets. More compassionate medicine will surely be here soon!

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