Creating Order From Chaos

photo of colorful hexagon patterned afghan

Let’s think about this concept: creating order from chaos. This lovely afghan my mom crocheted is a prime example to study. Just look at this beautiful creation! Perhaps you may have difficulty in imagining this as ever being in a state of chaos. Take a look at all the colors. There are some colors repeated and of course there are families of those colors throughout the design. Now, I’ve wondered, how many different colors did she use? Each varying color came from a separate skein of yarn. Do you think it possible that before she started, all these small bits of yarn resembled chaos?

Now, I don’t crochet, but I have speculated that perhaps each individual hexagon was completed as a stand alone. Now imagine having each of these hexagons completed. Do you think it is within the realm of possibility that all these multi-colored sections were ever in a state of disorder? I would guess she would have had to arrange and rearrange numerous times to achieve a cohesive arrangement pleasing to the eye.

Even though there are no identical hexagons , the entire afghan still goes together. If there was no contrasting off white surrounding each piece to unify the whole, it would be more difficult to appreciate the bright sparkle of all the other colors. If the afghan lacked the light colored classic honeycomb layout, all the deep, bright color could feel lost in a disarray. This afghan transformed from chaos to an ordered creation!

Creating Other Order

Each and everything that we as humans may create is likely born from a state of chaos. It generally originates as a problem to be solved. It could involve any of the arts, of course. A spark of inspiration may start the process. Then a whirl of ideas rolls in the midst of the mind and spirit until we will our bodies to act upon it.

If it is an unanswered math problem, there is certainly a lack of balance while awaiting the ending answer. Figuring out how to solve it may feel a bit chaotic until the equation is complete.

It could actually be any kind of problem, because the presence of a problem indicates an unsettling or a lack of balance.

Creating Peace From Chaos of Grief

When one is trying to fathom grief, it is easy to feel oneself to be in a low slump of chaos. It simply takes time for people to process grief. As with any kind of problem, solutions must be explored to see what answers may bring us back to a state of balance. Much as a math equation, we must feel in a state of balance in order to be functional.

Here is a list of ways people have found to move out of the chaos and heal their grief.

  • play with art materials, dabble in learning a musical instrument, act in a play
  • keep a journal to express your feelings and emotions
  • reminisce old photos of your loved one
  • talk to your loved one through thoughts or out loud – they can hear us
  • be outside in nature, appreciating the beauty
  • go for long walks, take up any kind of exercise
  • bond with other grieving people who are open to sharing
  • immerse yourself in physical labor or your work
  • take up knitting or crochet
  • visit an art museum; attend a concert or a play
  • connect with religion or spirituality
  • work with a grief counselor

I’ve included an informative site on grief and gender. Here is one of my most comprehensive posts with many resources, especially for parents who have lost a child: What is a Vilomah?. Perhaps these resources could be the start of crawling out of chaos or even appreciating chaos as you invite order back into your life. Now, wrap yourself in a cozy afghan to contemplate what you may create!

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