Easing Grief

When we are in sorrow, sometimes we need something for easing our grief. Here is a photo essay to inspire your journey.

The only cure for grief is action.

G.H. Lewes

Here are some easy actions to consider.

Be Like Animals to Ease Grief

Baby Barn Swallows

When easing grief, if we are feeling extroverted, it is good to be with like minded grievers. Find the kind who lift you up into their nest and share stories or perhaps just listen and console.


If you are feeling like the silent type, perhaps you may retreat into your own shell for a while.

Cat Swinging

Go for a swing. If someone looks at you the wrong way – just give them the stink eye.

Cat on Grass Clippings

Sometimes just relaxing on grass clippings can do the trick. Being with animals is great for easing grief, too! Somehow, it seems that animals understand what we are experiencing.

Other Grief Easing Practices

Collapsed House of Cards

If things don’t go just right, it is okay to just allow a few things to slide.

Piano and Guitar

Play some music via a CD or an instrument. That can always enhance one’s mood. You may choose something lively, moody, relaxing or whatever feeling you desire. Peace Inducing Arts elaborates on some other fine arts to brighten our outlook and ease our grief.

Cross Stitched Rabbits

Find your spouse or a special friend for support. They may know exactly what you need.


Go sniff a flower – any flowers. The sense of smell can be a pick-me-up.

Victor the Gnome with Pine Cones

Make a craft project. You could even use pine cones. Going out for a walk in nature is relaxing. Perhaps if you can’t find any pine cones, Victor the Gnome may share with you!


Watch the sunset. Breathe deep. Tomorrow is another day.

Last of all, I welcome you to try as many of these as you desire. This article, https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/out-the-darkness/201808/when-the-mind-stops, elaborates on other types of mind quieting practices as well. May you find a measure of peace and comfort as you ease your grief.

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