Forever Connections!

What if I told you that we mothers have forever connections with our biological children, even if they have passed? There is actually scientific proof that we always carry cells from our children!

The research started when a few male cells were discovered in mothers who had carried male children. These cells were apparent whether the child was lost at any time pre-birth, or carried full term. Perhaps 1 out of every 1000 of her cells had a Y chromosome which is male DNA! Female offspring also share DNA with their mothers. However, female DNA within another female is more difficult to isolate and identify.

Fetal Cell Connections

The process of a mother and fetus sharing one another’s cells is called microchimerism. The cells of both the fetus and mother are genetically distinct. It appears that the fetal cells exist in order to promote the baby’s survival in utero. Things like food transfer to the fetus, blood flow, food cravings (for what the fetus needs) as well as eventual milk production are likely a few reasons for these cells. Bonding between mother and baby is another. Here is a resource for further information:

These fetal cells do not travel willy-nilly within in the mother’s body. The cells are quite specific: there are blood cells, brain cells, muscle cells, liver cells, heart cells, etc. Fetal cells travel to the specific organ, for example from the fetal heart to the mother’s heart!

I was smitten when I thought of some of my departed son’s heart cells potentially being within my body – even decades following his birth! Recalling my first paragraph statistics, the estimate of fetal cells was only 1 out of 1000. That seems like quite a small number. I, then, googled how many cells in a human heart alone. It contains an estimated 2 to 3 billion cardiac muscle cells, but that’s not all! That number is less than a third of the total heart related cells within that organ. The total is over 6 to 9 billion! Just think how many could be from our child or children, male or female!

Mother – Child Forever Connections

Once I conceived my topic for this writing, I dosed off for a brief moment. I jerked awake because it felt as if someone had poked my shoulder. No one else was visibly there. Had my son paid me a visit and nudged me? Were some of his fetal cells activating in my shoulder muscle? Perhaps time will tell.

When we miss our dear child, maybe we can sit and ponder the impact of having some of their cells serving our body now. I love to think of his cells beating in my heart, feeling his life force once again! May you be comforted with this knowledge.

Dreams and signs are a couple of other ways we may connect to our dearly departed children: MIRACLES AND DUETS and My Mother’s Day Guest.

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