Good Gracious – Gratitude?

Good gracious, gratitude? How could this attribute be of benefit to you and me? Why would it be so important to bother oneself to be thankful for anything? You may be surprised!

Just think how it feels if you are around someone who is oozing with gratitude. That person invites a breath of fresh air to just be near them! This tends to relax me and causes me to breathe more deeply. I let my guard down as a smile begins to form. This thankful person wants to see the world with their glass half full, at the very least. Their focus is on the positive in life, on what has been, and could be, right with the world. Good gracious, would you like to benefit from more gratitude?

Gratitude and Generosity

The chances are good that this grateful person is also generous. This giving attitude extends to others by spreading not only a sense of gratitude, but also by sharing of resources which in turn spawns more gratitude by any recipients. This thankfulness is even contagious to any witnesses of this gracious generosity.

Thankfulness Is Good Practice

Sometimes gratitude may be the last thing we would choose to put on our Thanksgiving plate. Why might that be? Perhaps times have been hard. Maybe there could be someone or something missing from our life that we once had. Even and especially during those times, gratitude may be the most important key to regaining our sense of satisfaction in life. I know from this struggle. Here is my experience of Gratitude for Hard Times. It was simply life changing. I never would have dreamt that I could be grateful through those experiences. Also, I did not realize gratitude begets more gratitude. (Unfortunately, the converse is also true. Grumbling can birth more grumping!)

Focusing on Gratitude

Concentrating on gratitude can literally be life changing. It encourages focusing on the positive as well as making us more resilient. Our mental health benefits. Everyone is attracted to a person with this frame of mind. Try it, you’ll like it, and everyone else will, too! Here is a link to a gratitude practice: I am grateful to be able to share these benefits with you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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