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Hope in a New Day, Season, and Year

Sometimes the simple act of turning a new daily calendar page can be enough to inspire hope. Let the light of a new day shine optimism through any cracks of drear.

A fresh season, particularly spring, seems ripe with promise. The potential of starting a new garden grows fertile in my mind. Searching for the fresh color of early season blossoms and borning tufts of green grass thrills my soul.

This month marks a new year since our community initially shut down for the pandemic. It has undoubtedly been one of the most challenging years our world has endured. Not only have we dealt with the horrific loss of many lives, but we’ve also felt the sting of political and ideological division as well as inequality in a number of arenas. All was certainly enhanced by the pandemic and yet…

Starting Anew

We are moving beyond the first year of an unprecedented learning experience. We may have found our personal priorities, our limitations, our generosities. Even though we are moving forward into unknown territory, I have hope. After all, today is the promise of a new day, this month begins a beautiful season and we are blessed with a lovely unlived year before us.

Please enjoy a spring sonnet of mine as well as a favorite song by Cat Stevens.

March 13, 2017

The sprigs of grass poke forth from fallen snow
appear as two days growth unshaven face!
The resurrection plants see cold as foe,
may feel like naked ladies, minus lace!
All dressed in winter drab, a gold finch feeds.
One blue jay flicks its beak through snow to eat.
A second jay prefers dishonest deeds
by stealing dog food nuggets - what a treat!

Our cedar trees play host to lots more birds.
A bright red cardinal poses way up high.
A mourning dove was singing love - I heard!
The scores of fluffed up robins catch my eye.
Their berry picking flits from branch to branch
does make me want to join their spring time dance

First Publication Rights - Lyrical Iowa 2018

Here is a fun website https://www.futureme.org/ in which you may write yourself a letter sent to you at a future date which you will determine. Perhaps you could dream and create what these new cycles of time could become for you! Be sure to include a dose of hope in your message!

May these new cycles of time enlighten our progress toward our highest good!

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