How To Find Balance In Life

Sometimes in our lives, we realize it is necessary to find the balance point. Our bodies are markedly good at letting us know what we need to do to find that sweet spot of balance. How can the concept of time help us? Let’s see how to find balance in life.

Active Solutions To Find Balance

First of all, if our bodies are not feeling well, we need to delve into what the reason(s) could be. Not sleeping well or perhaps feeling aches and pains can be more common than we like. A regular aerobic exercise program can go a long way toward allowing our bodies to naturally counteract those issues. Being outside and getting fresh air while we exercise is the best!

Secondly, it is important to consider our living environments. Sometimes our environment may cause us to feel mentally unsettled. Perhaps our furniture could use a rearranging. Maybe you have started some small collections and wish to add a few to make them feel complete. There are many different ways our living spaces can be helped. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy of arranging one’s home:

Speaking of Feng Shui, quite a number of years ago, we had an unexpected visitor. I happened to be in the middle of making a chocolate dessert. After our visitor left, I passed a mirror and discovered I had chocolate on my face from taste testing! My thoughtful husband ended up installing a mirror above our stove. Following his action, we discovered that a mirror behind a stove is a good Feng Shui practice, because the stove represents wealth. The mirror image doubles it! I do know it certainly increases my wealth of knowledge regarding taste testing evidence! Altering our environment is just one way to explore how to find balance in life.

Other Active Balance Solutions

Another variable to consider is our social lives. Especially during the pandemic, many people have felt different social concerns, depending upon their situations: What can you actively (and safely) do to expand your social horizons? Could joining any organizations fulfill your needs? Perhaps going to the gym could help you meet people as well as exercise! Getting together with others may be just what you need! Even sending cards or letters to others would be a fun way to be more connected. If you feel you need a bit of assistance with relationships, try HEALING AND BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: 639 HERTZ.

Equally important, we humans are meant to be creative. If we don’t allow ourselves sufficient time for this, sometimes we may feel as if we could burst! It is so fulfilling when we make music, create art, move into dance, paint a picture or write an essay or a poem. All these things can help us to find our balance! EMPOWERED LIVING may be just the thing to inspire you. If you need a little extra boost to turn on your creativity, try this: Creativity 101 with 528 Hertz.

Passive Solutions to Find Balance

Accordingly, there are passive solutions for finding balance!

Perhaps you are one who has been over exercising or doing too much heavy labor. In this case, balance would lie in rest. Perhaps meditation would also be beneficial for you. Another idea could be slow, meditative movement such as in some forms of yoga or qigong.

If your living environment already has plenty (or too many) things, maybe tidying and purging could be in your future: While this method is not initially very passive, once one begins the tidying process, it will eventually serve to reduce not only the work load of so many things to clean as well as to ease the mental burden.

Maybe your sense of life balance is affected by feeling socially burnt out. For your situation, you may want to hold back from so many social commitments. Get to know yourself better!

Are you one who needs to creatively recharge? Sometimes if we feel our inspiration drying out, we need to meditate on what moves us. Listen to music, observe other artists’ works, read other writers’ offerings.

A Time for Balance

There is a time for everything.

  • a time to move and a time to be still
  • a time to collect and a time to purge
  • a time to join and a time to be alone
  • a time to create and a time to observe

Finally, I hope you enjoy this closing song. May you find the life balance you so richly deserve!

Published by Linda M. Wolfe

Midwestern mystic with varying amounts of mother, teacher, artist, seeker

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