photo of standing dominoes spelling 174 - HZ which is the frequency to alleviate pain

Pain. Sometimes one word says it all. Pain relief, whether from physical or emotional sources, is something sought by anyone who has been given more of this burden than they can bear. Pain creates tension. Natural forms of alleviating pain seem to work by inducing a relaxation response.

I’ve worked with success by using tuning forks in reducing pain for others. The particular frequency which acts as a natural anesthetic is 174 hertz.

It is so much easier for people now that You Tube has produced many videos with various healing frequencies.

In order to try these techniques, it is recommended that one’s medical professional be consulted to be certain that it is a safe practice for you. If you do opt to try these, it is wise to allow yourself to settle before you try to stand as sometimes one can become dizzy. Having a pinch of pink Himalayan salt ready before you listen can be helpful. If you feel dizzy afterward, just dissolve the salt in your mouth and remain seated until the feeling passes.

I have included two videos with 174 hertz. The first one has an overall tone interspersed with a pleasantly resonating gong as well as other sounds. It made me fee a bit buzzy after a brief listen! The second one has some intriguingly complex visual designs if you opt for an open eye experience. This low tone on this one has an overlay of other frequencies. As both of these are quite relaxing, I recommend sitting or lying down while listening. Please take your time before you resume normal activities.

Knock down pain!

Using sound to create healing experiences is a great way to help you to feel better. For another post on healing with frequencies, see Tuning into Healing: Grief.

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