A Photo Essay

What if we could take lessons from Mother Nature? What would she have us learn? The corona virus/Covid-19 pandemic has created a sense of loss. Let us look to the trees for observations of the results of stress as well as for answers to alleviate stress. Perhaps we could learn from the habits of our rooted friends.

Lessons from Mother Nature: Results of Stress

Sometimes if we lose hope, we may feel hollow on the inside. It is rather like dying from the inside out.

The pandemic has imparted us with the pity of Pieta. This photo is reminiscent of Michelangelo’s famous sculpture of the crucified Christ lain across the open lap of Mother Mary.

As the trees, we may not take in enough nutrients and begin losing bark (or weight).

Perhaps we may go the opposite direction and overeat. Neither is healthy.

Even giants may lose their balance.

We may feel as if we are riding a seesaw with scenarios of this or that.

The intricate entanglement of various world systems of humanity such as health, economics, education, environment and entertainment has become obvious. The entangling of these systems has tangled our lives in a similar manner.

Lessons from Mother Nature in Relieving Stress

Trees stand straight and tall, bend and strengthen with the wind, and accept sun as well as rain.

We must relax, remain calm and keep our heads. Remember to laugh!

Working Together

Forests of trees or individual specimens with multiple trunks have good support systems. We humans would do well to have friends and family upon which to rely (even from a distance if need be.)

It is always good to have a partner when one must go through any “harrowing” experiences. Each is there to brace and embrace the other.

Sometimes we just need to get or give a hug. Physical contact can get the cuddle hormone, oxytocin, flowing. For those living alone, reach your arms across your chest and caress your shoulders. Having pets to hold and hug works well, too.

As the trees, we the people should be rooted and well grounded. Being out-of-doors is a grounding practice. Nature invites us outside to join her. Trees keep Mother Nature company every day, twenty-four seven! Gardening is very grounding, as is nestling up to a favorite tree while reading a good book. Have a picnic upon a soft blanket spread over lush, cushy grass. Go for a secluded nature hike. Breathe deep, soaking in the fresh air and warm sun. Marvel in the melody of birds’ song. All these grounding activities are quite rejuvenating. Being grounded helps to weather most any storm.

Broaden your horizons as this far reaching cherry tree. While we are in isolation, bear some home-based fruit by trying new projects which have up to this point only lived in your mind. Knit that scarf. Build that bench. Send that letter. Paint that picture. Swap that engine. Write that blog. Make that difference for someone else, whatever that may be!

Embrace Optimism

As an elephant with an uplifted trunk symbolizes good luck, look for the positives. Focus on what is going well. Be thankful for those things.

Remember to sing and dance! It is good for your soul and makes life worth living.

Lastly, trees forevermore reach for the light. Turn to the Source of all life who brightens your spirit, even during the darkest night. Think of this pandemic as wind, rain and sun. Reflect on the wind imagining that it is blowing away that which is harmful. Allow the rain to wash and remove the unnecessary residue, but also provide much needed moisture. Revel in the life-sustaining sunshine. What new and better elements can you create for our ever changing world? Contemplate how you could help make it happen.

P.S. Grab your camera, what’s your nature story? Make it shine with beauty!

Published by Linda M. Wolfe

Midwestern mystic with varying amounts of mother, teacher, artist, seeker


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