photo of an unusual fall blooming lilac

Let’s look at nature to see if we can find the lessons of the lilacs. In our area, a lilac bush typically blooms around the first of May. Their blossoms are a welcome, heady fragrance which herald the transition from spring to summer. The arrival of lilacs invites deep inhalations to revel in the once-a-year sweetness. This time of year, the air is thick with the echoes of bird song and the buzz of bees. It brings to mind carefree days and sunny skies with perfect shirt sleeve temperatures.

One year ago in May, our lilacs had the heaviest crop of blooms they’d ever produced in the nearly forty years since my husband transplanted the suckers from other bushes. We had so many bouquets, we had to share our bounty to spread the joy!

Over the past two summers, however, some of our lilacs didn’t fare so well. In fact, I thought they were nearing the end. Many to most of the leaves dropped. Strangely, once October arrived, this year and last, a few fresh leaves sprouted, plus we had a small number of fall lilac blossoms!

I researched autumn lilac blooms and found when the plant has been stressed, it can revive with fall flowers!

The lessons of the lilacs

This gives me such hope! I just think of the tremendous challenges our entire world has encountered this year on many fronts. The lessons the lilac offers are that when our world is stressed, it can still bloom again. Yes, things will look different. Some of our people will be on the other side of the veil. Some institutions will be changed. However, just as Mother Nature so aptly illustrates, the sweetness and joy can and will return. Just close your eyes, pray, imagine and smile. We can take a deep inhale. Take yet another. Do you smell it yet?

P.S. Here is my Lilacs Update!

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  1. Some of our lilac bushes are blooming as well and I wondered the reason. Prophetic in a sense.

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