Listen to the Children

This is very nearly a Jack and the Beanstalk story, except it has to do with a little girl, maybe even two little girls. It emphasizes that we must listen to the children. Oh, and I guess it is not a beanstalk at all, but a tree.

Listening to Our Daughter

Many, many moons ago we brought our wee, little daughter home from Sunday school. She was carrying a fragile tree seedling in a small container. Perhaps it was a gift for Mother’s Day. However, it could have been for Father’s Day. Did I tell you this was many moons ago?

We decided to place it behind our home. Of course, our daughter wanted to help plant it in the ground. It was just a little tree. it would look very nice there.

Sometime later, my husband put the hose out to water the tree. He must have gotten distracted. We left for the day. When we arrived home much later he discovered the water still running. He rumbled loudly enough for a giant to hear. Thankfully all was well. Any potential giants were sound asleep at the time. Also, the tree was very thirsty before the watering.

Over the years, the tree grew and grew and grew. It is now one of the tallest trees on our property!

Listen to the Children: Our Granddaughter

A couple of years ago our granddaughter, who was only six years old at the time, was studying this very tree. She opined of the pine, “Grandpa, why don’t you cut off some of these lower branches? Then, you could put your bench beneath the tree.”

We thought that was a marvelous idea! Grandpa did her bidding. As you can see, we have a lovely sitting area, complete with shade.

You may think this is the end of the story. It is not. Shortly after our yard remake, our daughter was visiting. She decided to sit under her tree, now shading the very bench her niece suggested moving. It soon came to her that this very little tree had grown to the Land of the Giant! However, she did not perceive this as a malevolent giant. It was a very gracious one as long as she was a paying customer. You see, her tree had become an antenna to the giant in the sky – a cell tower, far, far away.

This very little tree had developed into the only place on our property where she gets a phone signal! Our listening to two little girls made it happen!

Our world is changing. It is in need of new ideas. Listen, do you hear that sound? Do you notice the tapping of feet, the lilting of voices, the swishing of brushes? It is the children dancing, singing, painting our future into existence. Listen to the ideas of children. Sometimes they can be wise beyond their years. Let us put our hearts together and imagine our future as beautiful as can be! Quiet! Listen for the children!

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