Mother Tribute

Well, this week, I decided to share my mother tribute as nothing else is on my mind. She passed less than a week ago. I would venture to say that rare is the room in our home that does not have some of my mom’s handiwork in it. The doily pictured in this post is one such example.


Across the years she was our mother dear.
She cooked and cleaned and soothed the fevered brows.
No matter what, her presence calmed our fear.
Her breakfasts featured milk fresh from the cows.
Her music filled the house on lovely days,
Much more than house, she made our place a home.
A tranquil being, measured in her ways,
yet stern and stubborn if our ways should roam.

Sometimes this life throws things we don't expect,
paralysis and limits to her speech.
Then ten and seven years, they slowly crept.
Her perseverance - so how could it teach?
It's this - that now she's where the lame will walk
and fly, the nearly mute with song can talk!

Love you, Mom

I just imagine her soul, fresh to the heavenly realms, greeting my Dad, my brother, and my son as well as numerous unmentioned loved ones. Such peace, comfort and joy welcomes her.

Grief Resources

Here are some wonderful resources if you have also lost a parent. I noticed in this particular list, there are definitely some things I’ve experienced this week. This next site is geared toward loss of a mother: Just as this resource mentions, it is important to feel the feelings – I’ve certainly been there.

Here is an earlier tribute I wrote to my dad as well as my father-in-law: WATCHING THE RIVER RUN. My site typically speaks of child loss grief. Grief of any loved one can bring many types of challenges. If you find yourself needing extra support during any type of grief, including that which is addressed in my mother tribute, please acknowledge your sorrow and find the action or connection which will help to ease your pain. Remember your loved one lives on through us via our DNA (if we are blood related), as well as our memories. May you find comfort in whatever grief you may be experiencing.

P.S. Mother Tribute – A Sign!

P.S. Interestingly, this particular post gave me a few issues on word count. For a post to be properly searched on the internet, it needs to have at least 300 words. My initial draft, even though it had at least that many words, only counted the first paragraph! When I contacted tech support, they suggested I redo the verse in a paragraph block rather than a verse block. I really wanted it to be in a verse block, because with different devices doing the reading of my post, it more than likely would negatively affect line length and readability as a poem. So, I deleted the poem, then retyped the poem in verse block to fix the issue. Amazingly, it worked that time. This feels like the first sign from my mom. Strokes affected her speech. Just like this very post, the words were inside, but they didn’t count…

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3 thoughts on “Mother Tribute

  1. Words-Mom Loved reading Your Christmas letters&I Know she would’ve loved Your blog.
    Mom going to her heavenly home was THE hardest!I thought I would never make it through that first year(helping Dad through the next two years was special)& now it’s been 19 years July 2.💝

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