My Favorite Pair of Shoes

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? I do. Mine are a pair of black leather, slip on style Clarks brand shoes. I chose them for comfort and ease of putting them on as well as taking them off. They are a basic black, so they go with nearly everything. These shoes go most anywhere with style. In fact, since this pair meets so many of my criteria for a great pair of shoes, this is my second identical pair!

These shoes literally take me everywhere. They’ve taken me to work in my elementary school, maneuvering between the art room tables as well as outdoors for recess duty. Being versatile, this footwear has accompanied me at football games and track meets even though they do not come with cleats.

Favorite Shoes Journey

A couple of other entertaining places to which they’ve carried me are music concerts and dance recitals. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), my shoes to not have taps attached to the soles. It is really a shame as I’m certain everyone would love to hear me tap my toes to the music.

Sometimes my favorite shoes escort me to the restroom. I don’t really understand why they feel the need to do so. After all, I am old enough to go to the restroom all by myself.

To prove that I am old enough, my footwear also walked me out the door when I decided to retire. They also strolled back into the school when I chose to substitute teach. Most of the time, I was in the shoes when they came back to school.

Saga of My Shoes

Perhaps with spring approaching, I may get the urge to garden. I bet my shoes will want to tag along. However, I think it may be inadvisable for my shoes to help with the gardening. It may just feel too good to place my bare feet upon the ground, dig my toes into the soil and soak up some sun! Plus, perhaps it is time to allow my favorite pair of shoes to enjoy a bit of the retirement life as well by not working so hard.

P.S. In case I go barefoot gardening, someone may think I lost my shoes. In that case, please read SEARCHING FOR THE LOST. If you’d like to see what kind of personality you have by your favorite shoe style, check this out:

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