Nature’s Harmony

How would you like to use nature’s harmony in order to change your challenges into opportunities? Let’s take a look at nature’s ways to see how Mother Nature handles difficulties.

Nature is such an intelligent system! Let’s examine the lives of coyotes. I learned that when coyotes are over hunted, their population actually increases. Normally only half the available females will produce offspring. However with a severe kill of their pack, all the females reproduce. Additionally, more than the typical three to four litters per year are born. An automatic increase of estrogen in the pack females ensures the coyotes are able to renew their population. If three-fourths of the world’s coyote numbers were obliterated at once, field biologists estimated that within one to two years, they could regain their population!

Other Harmonious Ways

What about maple trees? Have you ever watched the helicopter-like seeds spinning from a tree? In our area, the old farmers say that when maple seeds are plentiful, it predicts good crops such as corn, soybeans, hay and oats for the farmers. It is also said that an over abundance of maple seeds means that the trees experienced some sort of stress the previous year. Here again, nature is stepping in to ensure the survival of the species.

Different flying creatures are helped with the wisdom of nature. Critters that must seasonally migrate to be able to live in an optimal climate are dependent upon certain factors. Baltimore Orioles travel upon the warm prevailing winds in early May to reach their northerly summer time destinations. Likewise, the cool winds take them back south to their winter time locations. Dragonflies and Monarch Butterflies migrate as well. Here is an article on predicting migration times: Think of the harmony required for these creatures, large and small, to be able to work with the wind!

Baltimore Oriole at the Bird Feeder

Humans Living Harmoniously in Nature

Notice that all these examples from nature involved stress of some sort. Then a solution occurred as an answer to that stress. If we humans work with our given conditions, we can improve our chances as well. Have you ever heard an old time farmer say, “Make hay while the sun shines?” Much as these tenders-of-the-soil know how to work with the weather, truly anyone can aspire to work with the conditions we are given.

Remember the birds who utilize the prevailing winds to ease their journey? Another way to look at this is to think of how our actions can go with the flow rather than against. When we use the energy we note in order to work with it, we accomplish more. If I look for Signs from the Universe, I come much closer to this ideal harmony. Finding Gratitude is another path that gets me to this more delicious way of living! When I choose to THINK LIKE WATER, my troubles seem to dissolve. Perhaps if we adapt with some of nature’s harmony, we may find a brand new sense of Awe and Wonder!

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