Pain Blessings When It Hertz!

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Well, believe me, I didn’t ever think I would say pain could be a blessing! The reason I say this is that I’ve never had the opportunity to test controlling pain on my body by using sound. (Fortunately, I don’t experience pain often.) Recently, I had the chance.

Initially, my pain level was around a 5 out of 10. I really dislike taking any medications for pain. Luckily, I remembered the frequency of 174 hertz is the one most known for achieving comfort from pain.

Here is the YouTube video I used.

I chose this particular one for its general overall tone, so there was no question that the frequency was evident rather than hidden in layers of notes. Laying on a yoga mat, within a minute, I became pain free and extremely relaxed! In half an hour, I decided to conclude my session. Afterwards, a little bit of pain returned with only a level of .5! Consequently, I was pleasantly surprised. I can also say, I was a bit sad.

What if sound therapy was used more often?

It made me sad to think that something so easy, quick and highly effective has been largely ignored. It seems challenging to find legitimate medical studies on sound healing. I would think it could have tremendous potential in the medical world. It would decrease or eliminate medication side effects. There could be immediate pain relief! I will say, however, that there are cautions with using sound. It is best to check with your medical professional to be certain you don’t have a condition in which healing tones would not be recommended.

Just think if sound therapy was provided in birthing suites! Natural childbirth without drugs is far better for mother and baby. This could be wonderful for more compassionate care, giving patients with many different aliments the option of remaining relaxed, but alert. It needs to be added, however, that if it was used in a medical facility, it would need to be played for a patient through ear buds. That way, the health care workers would not be adversely affected by becoming overly relaxed!

Studies on sound healing for pain

I did find a couple of studies worth mentioning. This particular one is regarding the effects of frequency sound stimulation on patients with fibromyalgia.

Here is another. This one is also sound based, but in addition, involves being hooked up to monitors to read brain waves. The study found positive results in reducing migraines.

Hopefully you don’t have any pain issues. However, if you do, this may be well worth your consideration!

In closing, this is part of a series of posts on sound healing. Here are the others thus far: Creativity 101 with 528 Hertz, HEALING AND BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: 639 HERTZ, PAIN: KNOCK IT DOWN – 174 HZ and Tuning into Healing: Grief.

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