Peace Inducing Arts

The triple trio of music, visual arts and poetry may certainly be just what you need. Allow them to invite peace into your life! A life long interest, education and career in the arts have served me well. Now I pass them along to you! These arts greatly speak to the needs so many of us have at this time. Whether you are grieving a loved one or a personal loss of any sort, or weary over the ways of the world, may these bring you comfort. In order for our world to experience peace, each of us must find and embrace this feeling on a personal level. Please enjoy these peace inducing arts!

Musical Peace

One of my favorite pieces of music, this selection makes me feel inspired serenity. This popular Baroque selection begins with a very simple theme. It is repeated and embellished throughout its entirety. The flourish of beauty may be evident to you as you listen.

Once your goosebumps subside, prepare for another treat. Harp music never ceases to relax me into an extremely peaceful state. In fact, you may find this selection absolutely heavenly!

The third piece I’ve chosen is a vocal number. Being about friendship, allow your thoughts of good friend to come to mind as you listen!

Peace Promoting Poetry

Besides music, now we come to poetry. Playing with words has always sparked my imagination and feelings. These particular poems are no exception. The first one is a well known poem. Close your eyes as you listen. Feel the images. Ponder the rhythm of the words!

All three poems here feature nature. Feel into the day that is described therein. Relax into the word pictures, similes and metaphors.

Who would know how the wild could tame us? How could the outer bring us to the inner? Allow oneself to enter into this stillness.

Peace Inducing Visual Arts

Last of all, my focus is upon visual arts. The first is by a sculptor who focuses upon horses as subject matter. Just imagine! How free and peaceful would it feel to be riding this graceful creature? Besides the animal imagery, I chose this particular one because of her art media choice. I applaud material usage that may otherwise be cluttering a landfill. Transforming scrap into an object of beauty is preferable!

Secondly, this painter creates very romanticized landscapes. An amazing sense of color lives in his paintings. He evokes a great sense of light. Enjoy! (Click on link and scroll down from the water photo to the first painting.)

Last, but not least, I chose a perennially favorite artist. This Impressionist typically depicted many landscapes. Imagine yourself in the midst of one of his scenes. Feel the breeze of the fresh air as you do so. Note the peaceful light flickering in his images.

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Finally, we’ve come to the close of this triple trio of artistic delights. Artistic beauty is a tremendous psychological resource. May you revel in the peaceful delights you saw, heard and felt! I encourage you to further explore to discover other arts, other sources of potential peace.

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Midwestern mystic with varying amounts of mother, teacher, artist, seeker

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