Perspectives on Death

A Writing Prompt

When I first read the writing prompt, “How does death change your perspective?”, I was intrigued. After all, my blog does actually deal with this typically heavy topic of perspectives on death. If death was like a job, could it be a retiring, a promotion or a demotion, but hopefully not a firing?

I once read that making statements tends to erect walls while asking questions builds bridges. Since teaching has been my profession, don’t you think I should be asking more questions?

Questions on Death Viewpoints

Let’s continue with further questioning. I have wondered if death could be represented by various forms of punctuation. Could death be simply a period for “the end”? What about a question mark for an “unknown”? Maybe death is like a comma in a sentence, indicating two independent lives separated by that something titled “death”. Could death even be a thing, if we may be alive on either end of that point? Perhaps death could be shown with a dash, showing a sudden break or change.

Secondly, as this blog is open for anyone around the world to read, I make an effort to be cognizant of many belief systems. If a religion professes a habit of love and service toward humankind and this marvelous marble called Earth, does that mean an eternity of bliss awaits on the other side of the veil?

Near Death Experiences and Reincarnation

Additionally, how does one explain NDEs (Near Death Experiences) that include the spirit hovering over an operating table and seeing one’s body shocked back to life or flying outside the hospital room and observing a shoe on a ledge, or hearing doctors’ animated words following one’s coding?

What about the story of the British woman, Dorothy Eady? She took a downstairs tumble at age 3, and was initially pronounced dead. Shortly thereafter, she awoke and believed she was a priestess named Omm Sety from Ancient Egypt. How could she have had such eerily accurate knowledge of hieroglyphics and long buried temples if she was not reincarnated?

A Mother’s Perspective on Death

Having lost our son, I am fascinated by what I perceive as visits from our son. Could it be if the circumstances seem timely and unusual that it is truly the spirit of our son visiting us? You read and decide. Here are a couple of signs from nature: My Mother’s Day Guest and OUR VISITOR. This one is from my most favorite dream of my entire life: MIRACLES AND DUETS. What about our memories in providing a link to our loved ones in Stars?

Finally, I’d like to close with a quote from one of my favorite poets, Rumi. May you be comforted by his words.

from The Day I Die:

“Your mouth closes here and immediately opens with a shout of joy there.”

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