Power of the Imagination

What do you know about the power of the imagination? Most of us may consider it more of an asset when related to the arts. While an imagination is vital to any of the creative arts, there are other applications for it as well. Since I spent my career as an art teacher, I will start with art, then I will carry it to another related area!

With the arts, we could delve into it as an audience member or as an artist. Either way, we must decide which of the arts sounds appealing at the time. Interestingly, I happened to use the word “sounds” in my last sentence. In order to put on my creative hat, I chose to sit down to play piano and make some “sounds” for a while before I wrote. I had not done that for a while, so it felt very inspiring to plunk out a few bars on the keyboard.

We could choose visual, culinary, literary, theatrical, dance, musical, etc. Then, we may want to decide what mood we wish to assume. Do we want something moody, cheerful, soothing, or humorous? Are you aiming to change, match, enhance or improve your current mood?

Decide the method of delivery. Do you want to experience something prerecorded, or performed in a venue or on display elsewhere? Are you desiring to create something unique with you as the artist? What materials or tools are necessary? Your imagination is the limit!

Playing piano is one way I induce joy and kickstart my imagination. This was my springboard for inviting a positive mindset to do this very writing.

Power of the Imagination for Your Life!

Now, let’s think about how this could apply to our lives. Have you ever thought about your life being affected by the power of your imagination? Have you ever “listened” and internalized your words? What we say is actually creating our lives!

Think about words you have stated. Have you ever uttered the words, “I am tired?” I’m certain all of us have at one time or another. What about “I am afraid that blah, blah, blah will happen!” There, again, probably most of us have uttered something of the sort.

What if we could put in our order for a more joyful life? Try peppering your conversation (internal or external) with the words which you’d like to describe this desired feeling. Perhaps happy, satisfied, engaged, loving, could be some suggestions. Additionally, journaling some of these greatly anticipated feelings could help to create the life you want. Then, imagine you already feel the feeling!

In closing, I will share a bit of wisdom our son wrote before his passing. “I understand that the only person one can really change is you; yourself. I am asking you to try and change yourself for one day. At least 3 times tomorrow try and think of something that you love that literally makes your heart resonate to the point of your joyous tears. This feeling of love is reflected in your interactions with others and events, you will see this.”

It is amazing to me that our son was deep into his journey with pancreatic cancer when this was written. Yet, he chose joy! Even though there are a number of loved ones I am grieving, I can choose joy as well.

Remember, all our emotions are contagious, whether positive or negative. Isn’t the power of imagination awesome? Just imagine the joyful world we could create!

P.S. Following this writing, I needed to make a quick drive into town. When I returned to the car, and switched on the engine, a significant song played. It was the ending phrase of a song by the same artist whose recording played at our son’s wedding. It felt as if our son was giving his stamp of approval to this post!

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Here is the song:

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