Signs from Our Loved Ones

Signs from Our Loved Ones

Once we lose someone, we may long for signs from our loved ones. Just a few days ago, I was driving to town and trying to find a good song on the radio. Just as I approached a stop sign, a phrase caught my attention and started the tears. It was the John Denver song, Back Home Again. The phrase was “It’s the little things that make a house a home.” You see, the poem I wrote in a previous post, Mother Tribute, stated, “Much more than house, she made our place a home.” This definitely felt like a sign from my mom! Here is the song.

Signs from Nature

Not only can a random radio song be one of many signs from our loved ones, but there are also many other ways we may receive a sign. Nature is wonderful at giving us a “wink” from our loved ones. My very first Mother’s Day without our son was one such example. See My Mother’s Day Guest. Another time during a Christmas without our son, nature came through big time! Click on OUR VISITOR.

Loved Ones: Signs in Our Dreams

I have had a few (but not nearly enough) dreams with our son. My very favorite dream was the best dream I’ve ever had in my entire life (thus far). In fact, from reading this article, it sounds as if it could be classified as a visitation dream: My dream was amazing with little introductory parts, then my awakening several times before the huge finale! All the awakenings enabled me to arise and record my dreams so that I could more easily recall and analyze the series of dreams. It was very nearly like a large orchestral piece with a number of separate movements, each complete within itself. See MIRACLES AND DUETS.

Signs from Memories

Sometimes we may feel as if we receive a sign when we engage in mining our memories. Stars brought this very feeling to me from exploring memories of our son. It tied the past to the present in a remarkable way.

Signs from Our Loved Ones Conclusion

With some of my examples, I felt no question as to whether they were a sign as they were absolutely extraordinary. Initially, I questioned whether some of the simpler things were actually a sign. Then I realized, what is the harm of accepting all of them as a sign? I have found that by whole heartedly accepting everything as a sign from one of our loved ones, it comforts me. Goodness knows that when we are grieving, we need to feel comforted and remembered.

P.S. I also love the refrain of Denver’s song with the words, “Hey, it’s good to be back home again,” also reminding me our son, as well as my mom, dad, brother and many other family and friends, are with one another and truly “back home again”.

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  1. Lovely post Linda and I agree, why shouldn’t we accept everything as a sign. If it brings comfort and peace then that can only be a good thing. Robins are a sign for me that my dad is near by

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