Signs from the Universe

Sometimes I receive signs from the universe. Allow me to explain. I began noticing many such signs especially while our son experienced a lengthy illness. These indicators from the universe have continued more than six years past him leaving his earthly body. Signs intrigue me. Of course, many questions arise. Through my self dialogue and analysis, I find comfort.

Just this morning, I awoke at 4:44. I lingered in bed awhile. The next time I looked at the clock, it was 5:55. Sometimes when I desire to write, the first thing in the morning can be the best time, so I arose. There was already a piece I’d written some time ago which I wanted to reframe. Interestingly, in this particular writing, I mentioned when we parked our car, the odometer had four sixes in a row! Articles I’ve read claim that the universe is connecting with us when we see repeated numbers. Does this really mean the universe has my back? Is it working with me? I’ve decided if it helps me to have more hope, then it is worth considering. The extra reassurance is always worth it!

Within my writing to be revised, my husband and I arrived at our destination and I noted that the clock had an intriguing time. The hour just happened to be the month our son was born while the minutes matched his day of birth!

More Signs from the Universe

You see, we were at the first of two memorial services that day. Fortunately one was in the morning, while the other was in the afternoon. Once we entered the sanctuary, we were offered three options for seats. It was perfect timing as we were able to choose a pew to sit next to a dear friend. Midway through the service, I centered my sight on the sculpture of Jesus behind the alter. His arms are extended out from His sides, palms down, while His head is bowed in a downward glance. This took me back a number of years ago when our son was an usher for a wedding in that very church. My thoughts centered not on the actual event so much as a certain photo captured that day.

After our son passed, I was combing through our photos for his memory board. Once I cast my eyes upon this particular photo, my heart skipped a beat. Within the back row, our son’s head was slightly taller than the others and centered right below the statue of Jesus. It hauntingly appeared as if Jesus was focusing solely on our son. I imagined a redo of Matthew 3:17: “This is my sacrificial lamb with whom I am well pleased.” The image almost made it seem prophetic that he would die an early death. I wondered if I was reading too much into the photo.

Signs and Questions

A song chosen for one of those two memorial services was “I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry”. That was also a selection at our son’s service. One of the lines is, “I’ll be there when you are old.” That led me to question what is old? Our son most certainly wasn’t old at age thirty-eight. Of the two services that day, one was for someone in their sixth decade while the other was for someone nine decades young. None of these folks were the age of Methuselah. (He was the famed figure of Judaism, Christianity and Islam who lived to an age of 969 years.) This begs a few questions. What is old? Why are some allowed a lengthy earthly visit while others may not survive the birth process? Where is the dividing line between young and old? The age old, old age questions linger.

When I contemplated signs from the universe, I also thought about the complexity of signs and/or visits from our departed loved ones. Go figure that my art teacher persona feels that my Mobius Strip Mindset soothes my brain. If you’ve never make a Mobius strip, try making the examples I provided for you in the previous clickable post if you like. (Here is a scholarly article on these strips: Somehow the twists and turns of this paper device imaginatively show me how our departed loved ones can simultaneously be here as well as not here. My humble homemade Mobius Strip is yet another of my signs from the universe! What are some of your signs from the universe?

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