Speaks with Sunshine

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Do you know anyone who speaks with sunshine? I do! I’ve been to a couple of offices in the past few months whose receptionist’s voices sounded so warm that they could melt butter. These ladies had such a welcoming, expressive lilt, it was actually a joy to sit there (sans magazines) noting the music of their speech. Of course, I had to compliment them on their cheerful, expressive demeanor. The manner of their speech told everyone that it was a safe as well as an optimistic atmosphere. I told one of them that if she was Native American, her name would have to be Speaks with Sunshine!

Dr. Bernie Siegel – Optimism

Optimism is a great way to approach life. There was no time in my life where this played out in such an amazing fashion as with our son. When he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he chose to not have the doctors give him a prognosis. This attitude of optimism from our son was impressive. He wasn’t about to let a doctor give him an expiration date. Of course it was easy enough to look up statistics. However, we found information far better than statistics. Dr. Bernie Siegel’s refreshingly optimistic ideas via many of his books and recordings were a big part of our son’s journey. After all, not many pancreatic cancer patients live seven years from diagnosis. This little excerpt gives one a taste of Dr. Siegel’s philosophies. https://www.cancermonthly.com/doctors-hospitals/8896-2/

Love what you do; Do what you love. Wayne Dyer

Here is an informative site which defines optimism as well as identifies the characteristics and attitudes of it. Most importantly it includes the benefits of optimism. One of the most critical learning points is that good things can even come from something we consider bad. https://www.verywellmind.com/the-benefits-of-optimism-3144811

Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor. Rumi

Living with optimism implies a living of life to its fullest, being one’s best self, and yet, not taking the self too seriously. Laughter is uplifting as is gratitude. Being thankful can lead to optimism. This post on gratitude could help. Gratitude for Hard Times


Being in the actual sunlight is certainly uplifting, particularly if it has been cold and dreary. I’m thankful that as I am writing this, I see a clear blue sky. The sun gives me new found vigor and energy for the upcoming day. Here is a site on the benefits of sunshine. https://selecthealth.org/blog/2020/07/7-health-benefits-of-sunlight We can see that it is not just our imagination that we are solar powered!

Music another way to bring optimism into our lives. Stevie Wonder’s song, You Are the Sunshine of My Life is a great example!

May your glass be at least half full ….of sunshine and know that you have room for more blessings!

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  1. THANKS!Soo True!A former classmate fromGrandRiver’s daughter did a commercial-hervoice is so smooth&comforting that I did not even realize it was a commercial 😍

  2. Dances with Rainbows,
    You are One who Speaks with Sunshine!
    Thank you for these uplifting observations and resources!
    Eagle Feather

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