Spring Cleaning Your Words

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Every year when spring rolls around, thoughts of spring cleaning may arise. It is a time to clean, de-clutter and freshen our surroundings. Let’s think of clearing and cleansing our words. Being human, we all slip up now and then. What if we were to practice spring cleaning our words? Would you be interested if you knew it could produce health and relationship benefits? I’d like to introduce you to my HOG Technique (Humor-Optimism-Gratitude). Much as pigs root through dirt, we will root through the unpleasant dirt and replace it with HOG!

Let’s start by opening your windows and allowing yourself to be bathed and brightened with light. Contemplate starting this new season by sweeping out complaints. Place grumbling and growling in the garbage disposal. Worrisome talk goes out with the trash. Every speck of negativity is dusted off your surfaces. Permit all the pessimistic dross to be dissolved. Once all is cleared, it is time to refill. Let’s be gentle with ourselves and see how we can put a positive spin on our stories!

Remember a Dose of Humor

While doing your spring cleaning, you will want to leave room for humor to enter your cleansed spaces! It feels great to season your messages with humor! Laughter can help to ease any tension within us as well as to build stronger bonds with others. Additionally, this Mayo Clinic resource informs us of what humor can do for us: https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/stress-management/in-depth/stress-relief/art-20044456

Words of Optimism

Next, spring cleaning our words can make room for what we truly wish to express. Just think if we cultivated optimism, what it could do for our lives! Let’s think about the talk which spills from our lips. If you have two buckets, which of yours would you fill first, the one labeled pessimism or optimism? Let’s allow this positive thinking to penetrate our being! Think about how contagious our attitudes can be. Here is an article on the benefits of optimism: https://positivepsychlopedia.com/year-of-happy/the-benefits-of-optimism/

Spring Cleaning for Gratitude

Who would you rather help, someone who exhibits greed or one who oozes gratitude? That attitude of gratitude goes a long way with paving good relationships. Plus, when we are grateful, we realize how richly blessed we truly are! Being thankful actually has benefits for our health and is easy to do! Sometimes it may feel challenging to have Gratitude for Hard Times, but this post will illustrate the possibilities. You may enjoy this resource to get you started: https://www.healthline.com/health/benefits-of-gratitude-practice.

If the doors of perception were cleansed then everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite.

William Blake

If we approach life with laughter, the world laughs with us. When we look for the good in life, we are more likely to find it. If we practice the art of thankfulness, more will be provided.

Last of all, I bet all this spring cleaning will have you squealing like a happy little piggy! Practicing my HOG Technique (or Humor, Optimism and Gratitude Technique) is a great way to enrich everyone’s lives. Just imagine all this light within you making you feel sparkly! Cleansing your “doors of perception” will change your life. Finally, remember to look for the silver thread, the silver lining in everything. May that flash of silver follow you always!

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2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Your Words

  1. I sure enjoyed your post today! At first I thought you might be about to just tell me to stop swearing. But I love your HOG technique, and will try hard to utilize it every day.

    1. Thank-you, Evelyn! Tee hee, I tried to not appear too judgemental! I have found when I think of what I desire rather than despise, I can generally be more successful.

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