A Photo Essay What if we could take lessons from Mother Nature? What would she have us learn? The corona virus/Covid-19 pandemic has created a sense of loss. Let us look to the trees for observations of the results of stress as well as for answers to alleviate stress. Perhaps we could learn from theContinue reading “LESSONS FROM MOTHER NATURE”


Coughers Versus Coffers On this, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, it is ever more urgent to see our planet and her inhabitants in a new way. We live together on a big, beautiful, blue globe. Years ago, I ran across an analogy to explain the concept of oneness to children. All you need isContinue reading “BIG BEAUTIFUL BLUE GLOBE”

Mobius Strip Mindset

The Illusion of Loss The theme for my blog has been quite a journey. There are a number of topics which have wanted to ooze out of my pencils, such as loss of a child, the idea of fear, and of course the loss of what one might call normalcy on planet earth. Somehow IContinue reading “Mobius Strip Mindset”

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