Pain Blessings When It Hertz!

Well, believe me, I didn’t ever think I would say pain could be a blessing! The reason I say this is that I’ve never had the opportunity to test controlling pain on my body by using sound. (Fortunately, I don’t experience pain often.) Recently, I had the chance. Initially, my pain level was around aContinue reading “Pain Blessings When It Hertz!”

Creativity 101 with 528 Hertz

Have you ever felt the urge to become more creative? Here is a perfect solution!


Healing and building relationships can be enhanced by this interesting practice! All relationships stem from our relationship with self. Hence, it is important to find a comfort level of being in our own skin as well as finding a love of self. This forms the basis of what must be present in order to haveContinue reading “HEALING AND BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: 639 HERTZ”

Tuning into Healing: Grief

Perhaps you or someone you know may be experiencing grief. Maybe it could be from losing a loved one. It could even be from trying to cope with the severe changes that our world has been experiencing. Grief could be related to economic, safety, health, bereavement or other reasons. It can cause disruptions to theContinue reading “Tuning into Healing: Grief”

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