Ten Musings On Beauty

First of all, my artist and poet self longs to share my ten musings on beauty. Later on, you will have the opportunity to share what you find beautiful.

  • Beauty fluffs the artists’ brushes, sharpens the poets’ pencils and clears the singers’ throats.
  • The concept of beauty makes lovers’ hearts swoon.
  • We are drawn to inhale the colors of delicate spring flowers. Summer invites us to exhale gorgeous sunsets. Our breath quickens when we jump and laugh through crisp, crunchy autumn leaves. Leaping through fluffy piles of snow frees our breath to dance with the snow flakes.
shows the beauty of a winter landscape with fresh, fluffy snow
Fresh, Fluffy Snow
  • Nature’s bountiful beauty is the best out-of-house doctor. She deepens the breath, calms the heart and soothes the soul.
  • Beauty confirms the existence of our Creator.
  • The early morning chorus of robin chirps, mourning dove coos and starling chatters invite a beautiful start to the day.
shows the beauty of two mourning doves cuddled together with their bodies forming a heart shape
Morning Dove Love
  • This birthing and unfurling of tree leaves and fresh tufts of green grass cause beauty to echo through the valleys and across the hilltops.
  • Beautiful is the tickle of six butterfly legs tenderly treading upon our skin, reminding us of this miraculous life.
  • It is a beautiful sight to see baby calves frolic in fields while fawns tiptoe.
  • The breaking dawn, just as the first sprouts of a garden, offers the beautiful promise of new chances and opportunities.
shows the beauty of an early sunrise with deep reds, oranges and golds against a black landscape silhouette
Breaking Dawn

What are your musings on beauty?

Now, here is your chance to contemplate what beauty means to you! Acknowledging visual, auditory and spiritual beauty is a powerful and beneficial gratitude practice. I invite you to listen to this inspiring piece of music while you ponder your sense of beauty. I will let you know in the last paragraph what I’d like to know!

Here is a resource explaining the connection between beauty and happiness: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/08/the-beautyhappiness-connection/375678. Here are three of my other blogs with the theme of appreciating the beauty in nature: The Mirror Tree, WATCHING THE RIVER RUN and My Mother’s Day Guest.

Finally, I’d like you to share in the comments section what your thoughts are on beauty! Thank-you in advance for sharing!

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7 thoughts on “Ten Musings On Beauty

  1. I think of a perfect daffodil. When I was a child, we had scads and scads of daffodil buds, and there was always that one spring day when I would leave for school with the buds still tightly closed, and come home in the afternoon to see them all blooming at once.

  2. Love how reading this was like admiring a painting. So soulful! Beauty, to me, is my two year old, still smiling and trying to win me over after I’ve been a little stern. He melts my heart ! Or my five year old wanting to hug me a little longer ! ♥️

    Other than me gushing about my kids lol, beauty is rain falling on grass and flowers !

  3. I think your photos are beautiful! When I think of beautiful things, I think of vibrant colors like those–colors that draw me in and make me want to be a part of the picture.

  4. What a gripping piece this is! I found myself whisked away to a world of imagination and fantasy with my feet firmly grounded in reality.
    Beauty to me is anything that not only makes my sense of sight happy. It makes all my senses come alive!

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