Not Screaming but Singing

My friend, this is the famous 2020 tree in case you’ve not met her. It is understandable if you may think she would be screaming her leaves off with the events of this year. It may appear that she is throwing her branches up in sheer disgust. If she were, which she is not, I sincerely would not blame her. I mean, just think of the world stage with the pandemic, the politics and the division. Then there is the unemployment, the racism and the criminal justice system, not to mention the dilemmas of masks, the CDC and schooling.

What is a 2020 tree to do? Sing! She is lifting up her limbs in joyous song. When things seem so low that they can’t get any worse, they’ve nowhere to go but up. There are two choices. We can live in fear, feebly covering it by screaming and shouting. The other choice is to live in love by singing and imagining.

What Does Your 2020 Tree Imagine?

As an art teacher, as well as an artist of many arts, I know that everything starts with imagination. Imagine our world as exceeding your greatest concept of beauty. This is what we will create together! Start with a generous measure of joy and add a cup of peace. Stir liberally with love. I promise you this will be the lightest delicacy you’ve ever tried!

After devouring our previous delicacy, let’s join together in singing in a new future. Imagine this world in a better place than she’s ever been. This seed must be planted before it can grow. The soil is fertile and ready. What will you plant? Remember what is within leaks out. What thoughts will you nurture within the garden of your mind? I think mine shall be filled with love, light, peace and joy. These lovelies join me daily!

P.S. I give my thanks to poet, Stevie Smith, 1902-1971. Her 1957 poem, Not Waving but Drowning inspired my title with an optimistic twist.

Published by Linda M. Wolfe

Midwestern mystic with varying amounts of mother, teacher, artist, seeker

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