Treat Yourself to Ambience!

During this highly unusual time in which we are living, there may be a number of ways of life we miss. One of them is dining at a nice restaurant. Depending upon your location in the world, this option may or may not be available or recommended. I invite you to treat yourself to ambience!

What are the elements of that experience which one could recreate? Of course having someone else prepare the food is ideal. If that is not a choice, another aspect of fine dining to consider is the atmosphere. Sitting and interacting together with loved ones at the table is a large part of the picture.

What else could we do? How could one establish a highly ambient quality during a meal time experience? Music is the answer!

Treat Yourself to Meal Time Music!

I am so fortunate to be married to someone who gives a sense of ambience to virtually each and every meal of the day. It is highly unusual to not have this aspect to our meals. Other than a couple of meals a week consisting of popcorn, nuts, fruit and cheese in front of the television, all our other meals are consumed together at the table accompanied by music!

Enjoying music with our meals is such a lovely, decades-long detail that I very nearly take it for granted. We are each such cultural beasts that to not have this as part of our routine, it can make us feel as if all is not right with the world.

I took a tour through our treasured music collection to give you a sampling of some of my favorite dining music. The selections I’ve opted to share with you are each stylistically different, but you will notice a thematic similarity emerged. Of course, during our meals, the CDs play in their entirety rather than skipping from one artist to another.

Ambience by Raphael

The first piece, Angels of the Deep, is by Raphael. This music is classified as new age and punctuated with the mysterious calls of whales. Eva Cassidy’s melody, Wade in the Water, is soft jazz. Acoustic guitar is featured in the final selection, Aerial Boundaries, by Michael Hedges.

In the beginning of our musical journey, I’ll take you through the secrets of the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean. Perhaps we may feel our world closing in as the pandemic surrounds our lives, much as the waters of the sea. May the majestic giants of the deep beckon you to a place of calm.

Treat Yourself to Eva Cassidy Ambience

Next Eva Cassidy will transport your dancing spirit to the surface of an adjoining river. Allow her beautiful voice to gift you with an aura of calm as you imagine yourself wading in the water. Let the gently flowing water wash away any remaining residue of distress.

Ambience by Michael Hedges is a Treat

In the third and final selection, Michael Hedges takes you higher to the lofty skies with Aerial Boundaries. Permit yourself to fly free as the birds with this compelling delight. Just as your bird’s eye view of the world appears, feel any problems proportionally shrinking into nothingness.

May this musical triptych invite you to create a way to linger over your meals, savor your food and treasure your companionship. Whether you live with others or one other or the famous trio of me, myself and I, I encourage you to engage in the healthful practice of pleasurable eating with musical accompaniment. Contemplate which musicians would best enhance your meals. May you transform your dining experience into an oasis of nurturing peace!

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