Tuning into Healing: Grief

Perhaps you or someone you know may be experiencing grief. It could be from losing a loved one. It could even be from trying to cope with the severe changes that our world has been experiencing. Whether the cause of the grief is related to economic, safety, health, bereavement or other reasons, it can cause disruptions to the body’s field of life force energy.

Throughout the past decade or so, I’ve explored many different kinds of natural therapies which could be termed complementary or alternative healing methods. Complimentary in this case means that it is paired with conventional Western medical practices. An alternative method means it is used instead of the Western medical ways. As with anything considered complementary or alternative, it is recommended that one’s medical professional be consulted to assure that it is a safe practice for you. I do know that those affected by seizures or similar health concerns should not listen to these frequencies. Additionally, no medical claims are made, I will only be providing personal testimonial results for myself.

There is a school of thought that claims tuning forks can heal or alleviate certain symptoms. The frequency of 396 Hertz is one such example.

As a side note regarding Hertz, this term indicates the number of complete cycles per second or in other words, a single sound wave. So, one Hertz is one sound wave per second.

One of the wisest scientists of all time, Nikola Tesla, stated, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

When I was coping with grief over losing our son, I did find considerable relief by utilizing a 396 Hz tuning fork. I began feeling results of my grief easing after repeatedly striking the tuning fork for around seven minutes. As I continued listening, the effects improved and stayed with me longer with sessions of fifteen to thirty minutes. It just felt that the cords of grief were loosened and more of a joyful feeling filled my chest.

Since I purchased my set of tuning forks, I’ve discovered that there are now many YouTube videos with various frequencies. This greatly simplifies the experience and makes it more relaxing to able to just listen. Absolutely no vehicles or machinery should be operated while listening to these. It is recommended that one be mindful that this is a very meditative experience in which no other activity should be done simultaneously. (It is okay, however, for you to breathe!) Plan on sitting in a comfortable position or perhaps lying flat during your session. Just to warn you, it is possible to become light headed, so continuing to sit or recline is necessary until the feeling passes. Again, please check with your medical professional to be certain that this practice would be safe for you to try.

I’ve found two choices for your listening pleasure if you’d like to experience it. The first one is the single note electronically produced for thirty minutes. The second one is more musical and pleasant and runs for half an hour. Happy healing to you!

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