Wisdom Life Quotes

Wisdom Life Quotes

Before I begin, let me say that there are some quotes that simply ooze wisdom. These words secrete into my soul and make me want to be a better person. My husband, who is quite wise, tends to drink a lot of bagged tea. Each bag, of course, has a string with a little paper tag. Certain brands contain these snippets of wisdom life quotes.

Initially, I would not have thought of utilizing these tea tags for a post if it was not for our granddaughter. Since she was a wee little one, it has been a fun activity in our family to create an imaginative treasure hunt. We would hide notes leading to the next location for another clue. Always, we have written these small notes when we do a hunt. Typically, there would be a gift at the very end.

Our last hunt, however, was created by our granddaughter! For her clues, she retrieved a number of tea tags. Each tag was carefully chosen. She found a location in our home that thematically tied into the saying on each tag! Thanks to our granddaughter, these tags inspired my post!

Here are a few tea tag quotes on wisdom!

  1. Use your head to live with heart.
  2. The purpose of life is to know yourself, love yourself, trust yourself, and be yourself.
  3. Uncage your heart, free your heart, let it be wild.
  4. One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. William Shakespeare
  5. If you do anything out of sheer compassion, you will never be wrong.
  6. Your strength is your own courage.
  7. Many paths lead to the same destination; it doesn’t matter how you get there.
  8. There is pleasure in the pathless woods. Lord Byron

Lastly, Two Wisdom Life Quotes from Children

9. Congrats! You’ve found the end of the treasure hunt! But where’s the treasure you may ask? Well you found it at the beginning of it! The treasure was us having fun making memories and spending time together! (This quote was by our granddaughter on her first self created treasure hunt at age 10!)

(This next quote was at a Native American Prairie Awakening earlier this month. In the center of the arena, stood a structure created for the ceremonies. It was constructed according to a traditional Native American design. The structure’s builder was a youth who earned his Eagle Scout Badge from the project.

A dozen cedar tree trunks formed its perimeter. To support the middle, he chose a very special cotton wood tree trunk. Cedar branches were arranged from the centrally located tallest trunk out to the cedar trunks. The branches formed a sun sheltered roof. His cotton wood tree trunk of choice actually had a double central leader, or two equal length central branches, so he tied the tips of them together before he and his team erected that trunk. Once upright the double branches resembled upraised praying hands.

During the ceremony, the speaker asked, “What do you think the message of the double leader tree would be to the people?”)

10. Just love each other. (This was an impromptu answer from a lovely 3 or 4 year old child who was sitting near us! How appropriate that the two leaders of this tree could be, would be saying this! If only all our world leaders and peoples would do the same!)

Conclusion & the Underutilized Resource!

I consider all these quotes quite wise. However, I believe the last two were so profound, each brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my lips. Next time I need advice, I think it would be most appropriate to ask a child. I believe our youth may undeniably be one of the most prolific and untapped resources we have available to us! If perhaps you did not hone your own wisdom as a child, it is not too late! Here is a resource for developing it: https://wisdomcenter.uchicago.edu/news/wisdom-news/5-techniques-develop-wisdom-over-time. Additionally, Rumi’s Wisdom always inspires me!

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2 thoughts on “Wisdom Life Quotes

  1. WOW!WOW!I too have been blessed&am blessed with My 3 Grands&their unknowingly awesome wisdom.
    Tuc(12)sees no reason for all the flavors of mtn.dew-“just leave well enough alone”.
    Hannah(16)wants to’ extend all her ability in the swimming meets so their team will be on top &not docked’.
    Bea(11)just wants ‘to play ball-pitch-&not stand around doing nothing’.as she &her All Stars played tic-tac-toe in the dirt on the pitcher’s mound with the opposing girls team(Johnston) after their game was delayed when tennis balls were being thrown at the bases.
    All the ‘riff-raff’ of ‘adult business’ means nothing when no one pays attention.

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