Word Consciousness

My word, words are powerful! Our daily lives are bombarded with words: internet, books, newspapers, billboards, food packaging, television. Authors study the selection of just the right words to draw readers to a title. Advertisers choose the latest buzzwords to attract customers to their product. Internet gurus have fine honed which specific words are guaranteed to pull an audience to their site. Practicing word consciousness is a wise choice.

This story about words has to do with my seemingly ordinary trip to the grocery store. You ask how could that be? Well, I’ll tell you. I have this sing-along-to-the-radio habit, especially when driving solo. Our car has a handy little steering wheel button for eyes-on-the-road changing of stations. I just keep flipping through until I find a good one. I’m certain I sang a number of different songs on this short trip, but one was notable. It was “I Hope You Dance”. Why don’t you listen to the lyrics so you can guess why this was significant that day?


It wasn’t seeing “mountains in the distance” as we live in the Midwest. No, it didn’t make me “dance” while in the grocery aisles or while carrying sacks into our home.

The word consciousness was this

When I unloaded groceries from the car, I looped as many bag handles over my arms as was comfortable. I took the sidewalk up to our back door to unlock it. This gave me access to our entry. Then there is another door between the entry and the kitchen. That door is a simple, solid wood interior door with no lock. However, that day, it would not budge! No matter how I twisted the knob, that door would not let me into the kitchen. I had to go down a set of stairs, through another door and up another flight of steps before I could unload my purchases in the kitchen. Then, I retraced this route once or twice more.

Suddenly, the words to that song hit me, “Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens”! Do I think if I hadn’t sung the song, the door still would have malfunctioned? Probably. However, the synchronistic timing of an old door lock giving up and me singing these lyrics does border on the mysterious.

I’ve had numerous times when I’ve seen the power of words is much more than most realize. For that reason, if there are any song lyrics that are lacking in positivity, I make one of two choices. I either change the station or make up new words if the tune speaks to me.

My philosophy also applies to ordinary writing and speaking. It is usually behind my thoughts on striving for optimism and inspiration. Perhaps our words could affect our lives. I do know a positive slant can certainly increase synchronicity. It is sort of like a wink from the Universe! Using word consciousness appears to be wise. It, at the very least, is a calming practice.

As you journey through life, “I hope you dance.” Whether it is opportunities or literal doors, “whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens” for you!

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