World Hunger Poetry

What if poets could make a difference to prevent and eliminate world hunger? Poetry X Hunger is one such organization with the goal to prevent and eliminate this social issue Some poets inform from first hand experience with hunger. Others write as an observer. Yet other poets dream of solutions. Let’s explore world hunger poetry!

Here is my poem.

When the Hungry Sleep

The hungry rest on tufts of pea green grass
beneath a sunset sky of cherry red;
evolves to berry blue as time does pass.
A mashed potato moon lights nature's bed.
Some meteors streak silver through the night,
appear as schools of fish in unison.
The hungry gaze in awe for one last bite:
Could you, could I provide much more than one?

Let's donate to some food banks, stop food waste,
grow healthy food on Mother Earth to eat,
Imagine plenty - food for all to taste
from nature's palette plenty - what a feat!
The trees would clap when all are satisfied.
Please help us spread our message far & wide!

Linda M. Wolfe, First Rights to Poetry X Hunger 2021

Here is the link which includes me reciting my poem if you like:

These are a few links with more of my poetry: Vincent Van Gogh, The Mona Lisa Effect, Michelangelo Inspiration, and Stars. If you feel so inspired, please join me in doing what we can to end world hunger. Thank-you for reading World Hunger Poetry!

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