Your Hurricane Eye

Title in Scrabble Tiles: Your Hurricane Eye, positioned in a circular formation as a hurricane

What’s your hurricane eye? Before I continue, I must explain myself. I recently learned that waterfowl can become trapped within a hurricane. If these birds are fortunate enough to work their way into the calm of the eye, they can swim or fly with the eye until the storm either slows or reaches landfall. Birds in this predicament have also been known to seek shelter on ships caught traveling within the eye. These strategies allow them to rest within the center of the storm. Here is a site showing an image of birds in the eye of a hurricane. So, onto your hurricane eye. What brings you calm while navigating the wild hurricane ways of the world?

Cat’s Eye

Just the other day I found our cat’s eye of her hurricane. We were trimming shrubs. (Well, not the cat and I, but my husband and I.) As I loaded our wheelbarrow with trimmings, Miss Meow-Meow decided to climb aboard. I guess the small twigs were in a cushy pile, but the barberry bushes do have thorns! She was unconcerned.

Once I finished clearing the piles, I began pushing the barrow toward the brush pile, cat and all! Our little Miss MM was thoroughly and calmly entertained. For part of the ride, she stood on all fours. Some of the time, she was reclining. All the way, her head was out front, scouting our path and watching the ground roll beneath her. Now, you must know, it wasn’t necessarily smooth sailing as part of her ride was down a somewhat bumpy hill. I only permitted the cart to roll slowly in case she jumped. None the less, she rode all the way to the pile! She disembarked to sniff around, giving me the opportunity to dump the brush.

Before I began the ascent back up the hill, I placed her in the empty barrow to see if she’d ride back. She took the helm again and stood guard. I imagined her as a Puss-in-Boots captain of the ship in a past life as she watched the grass billowing by on our journey. She actually rode the entire distance to the house! I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, she’s the cat who hops onto our deck swing. I’ve seen her standing on the seat, then moving her body to get it to swing. She then lays down for a lovely ride.

I believe Miss Meow-Meow’s hurricane eye is riding. This is her relaxation, her calm, her joie de vie.

My Hurricane Eye and Yours

Back when I was in elementary school, typically Friday afternoons were reserved for art projects. That was my absolute favorite time in school. I would many times be in my own little world while making art. (Perhaps this is why my career was an elementary art teacher!)

Oh, and I recall another time as a fifth grader. That day I felt two very strong emotions. I was completely immersed in a book while sitting at my desk. For some reason, I decided to look up. My first reaction was shock. Amazingly, I saw only one other student in the room. I had been so engaged in my book (of an unknown title) that I had tuned out all the other students going to outdoor recess!

My second feeling was embarrassment. The boy who sat in front of me was turned around and intently watching me read. I don’t recall if the teacher was in the room or not. Somehow, this book became the eye of my hurricane while in the midst of a flurry of excited classmates leaving for recess. I now wonder if the boy was puzzled as to how someone could have been that engrossed in a book!

Nowadays, several additional ways can bring me that eye of the hurricane safety net. Being with a loved one, reveling in nature, and playing or making music are among them. Another key element is an attitude of focusing on what is good or positive rather than that over which I have no control. I love to imagine a scenario which is beneficial for the highest good of all.

As an energy healing practitioner, I can tell you that doing these life-enhancing activities will literally make your light shine brighter while making this world a more pleasant and safer place to be!

As an aside, the bold faced sentence immediately above came to me in the middle of the night. I got up and penciled it on paper in the dark. Two miracles happened. The next morning, I could actually read it. The second miracle was when I turned on my computer. The random desktop background was a lighthouse. Confirmations such as these are signs we are headed in the right direction!

When we are focusing on activities which bring us joy, we feel more enlivened. An activity, that feels as if it is our life purpose, opens up our energy field to optimal flow. This enlivened feeling of flow is important to our health and well-being. Here is a site which shows visual evidence that our bodies truly emit light. Some people are gifted to easily see our light without special equipment. I only occasionally see it. However, I generally feel it. Any time you feel positive emotions, you are shining your light brighter. Perhaps this is our soul shine? I love to say that it makes me feel sparkly!

What brings you to your eye of the hurricane? Some like to tinker in the garage or machine shed, while others crochet or knit. Sitting in meditation or running marathons works for some people. Perhaps gardening or flying airplanes may speak to others. Of course one’s faith and prayer life may be the utmost eye of one’s hurricane. Just feel into your heart and ask what makes you feel most alive. That, my friend, may be your shelter(s) in the storm. May you find the eye of your hurricane to hold you steady while you navigate the ways of the world.

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